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- June 5, 2023


Frequently Asked White Questions

By Dr. Ajay Parasram and Dr. Alex Khasnabish

This basic guide for people learning about racial privilege is based on Dr. Parasram and Dr. Khasnabish’s lived experiences and their YouTube series “Safe Space for White Questions,” and features answers to questions like “How can we build the world we deserve?”


How Halifax technology could help in the fight against climate change

By Dr. Boris Worm and Dr. Will Burt (PhD’16)

In a February 6, 2023, segment of CBC NS’s program, Mainstreet, Dr. Worm discusses ocean acidification and how technology being developed and tested in Halifax could help prevent global temperatures from rising with guest Dal alum, Dr. Burt.


Biographical Dictionary of Enslaved Black People in the Maritimes

By Harvey Amani Whitfield (MA’99 and PhD’03)

Dr. Whitfield tells the life stories of 1,400 (mostly enslaved) Black men, women, and children—people whose stories might otherwise have been omitted from written history. In so doing, he shows the range of experiences Black people have had in the Atlantic region.


Symptoms of the Self

By Dr. Roberta Barker

In the 19th and 20th centuries, tuberculosis was a common killer and its representation on stage, often with its telltale cough and bloodied handkerchief, became a means to impose standards of health and beauty, debate class, sexuality, and gender, and transgress boundaries. Dr. Barker discusses the past story of the disease and how its portrayal on stage still affects how we live and die today.


This Is Your Captain Speaking

By Doug Morris (BSc’82)

Everything you ever wanted to know about air travel—from how to become a pilot to what flight crew does during their downtime—and more! Morris provides funny and fascinating anecdotes from the hidden side of the world of aviation.


Boys Who Do the Bop

By Rick Rofihe (BA’71)

This collection of short stories by Bridgewater, N.S., writer Rick Rofihe tells of people living quietly extraordinary lives. Described by a reviewer for the New Yorker as “Coded messages... waiting to be deciphered.”

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