What are our alumni up to now?

Diana Lewis-Campbell (Dee)

PhD Candidate

"Thanks to my MREM degree from SRES, I'm able to help our First Nation communities with all kinds of issues."
Read Dee's story.


Bryan Adkins

Director of Regional Engagment for REDD+ in Kenya

"I'm passionate about seeing good policy and strategy enacted, allowing forest conservation and natural resource management to play a significant role in achieving national development priorities in both Kenya and the broader region."
Read Bryan's story.


Ricardo Bosshard

Director of Chilean division of the World Wildlife Fund

"I wanted to bring two worlds together—companies and the environment—and SRES was the perfect solution."
Read Ricardo's story.


Victoria Sheppard

Policy analyst with Fisheries and Oceans Canada

"Through the MES program, I became more interested in policy and made important connections with people working in the field."
Read Victoria's story.


Sophie Nitoslawski

PhD Candidate

"The SRES community is a special one – with so many backgrounds and ranges of expertise found in one place, interdisciplinary thought and practice is not only encouraged, it’s a given."                                                                                              Read Sophie's story.


Meggie MacMichael

Analyst at Nova Scotia Environment

"The main skills I learned and have applied time and time again are synthesizing information and identifying common themes from focus groups and other sources."                                                                                                                        Read Meggie's story.


Daniel DeLong

Education & Outreach Manager, Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

"The MREM program provided the opportunity to further augment the skills I had acquired during my undergraduate studies and to delve more deeply into specific topics of interest."                                                                                                        Read Daniel's story.


Sarah Saunders

Specialist, Marine Protection and Renewables, World Wildlife Fund

"The MREM program was fantastic because it was interdisciplinary – both in coursework required and in the background of the students taking it."                    Read Sarah's story.


Jessica Romo

Environmental Scientist at GHD

"Upon graduation, I returned to full-time employment as an environmental scientist. I would not have been able to make the connections to land this position if it wasn’t for SRES."                                                                                                   Read Jessica's story.