Scholarships & Awards

Over 5 Million in scholarships, bursaries, prizes, and awards is distributed from Dalhousie each year to prospective and current Dal students. 

Do you want to receive funding towards your degree at Dalhousie University?
We've compiled a list of resources below to get you started. 


Entrance Scholarships

Dal's entrance awards recognize academic achievement and your unique skills and abilities. High school students admitted to Dal's Halifax campuses are eligible to apply for our general entrance award program by March 15 of each year. The General Entrance Award Application is now available. Admitted students must apply through DalOnline. Students awaiting admission can apply using the paper application.

Faculty of Science Summer Research Awards

Summer research awards provide paid employment opportunities for undergraduate students to participate in scientific research at Dalhousie. If you would like to gain research experience in an academic setting, these awards can provide you with financial support.

Please click the links below for information on student eligibility, the application, and instructions.

  • Information about important rule changes for 2024 applications to psychology and neuroscience.
    One of the biggest changes this year is that students who want to do research in Psychology and Neuroscience labs are NOT required to identify a supervisor before applying anymore. They will be matched with a supervisor by the department if they are short-listed for an award. (This new rule is for applicants to our department only. If students want to do research in another department other than Psychology and Neuroscience, they will be required to identify a potential supervisor before applying).

  • Summer 2024 Application Link (You will need to login using your Dal NetID.)  

In-Course Scholarships

All undergraduate Dal students not on a renewable scholarship, in eligible programs in the Faculty of Science, who have completed a full course load (min. 30 credit hrs) over two terms within the previous academic year and achieved a min. 3.70 GPA, will be considered eligible for in-course scholarships.


Bursaries are typically smaller amounts of money (from $200 - $600), intended to supplement other funding sources. The University's bursary program is intended as possible supplementary assistance to help qualifying students with a portion of their educational costs.
Visit Money Matters for the most current bursary information.



Entrance Awards & Bursaries

The Faculty of Graduate Studies administers a number of scholarships and fellowships available to Dalhousie's academic community.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies also offers bursaries available through Dal's Student Assistance Program. Bursary awards are based on eligibility and need and are meant to help students overcome temporary financial emergencies such as medical costs or other unforeseen expenses.

View the Faculty of Graduate Studies site for the complete listing.   


Scholarships available to international students are detailed on the International Students site in Scholarships, Costs, and Fees. Graduate international student scholarships are available in Funding Opportunities through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

Study Abroad

Global Pursuits

As a Dalhousie graduate student or postdoctoral fellow, you may discover that an international experience will help you enhance your research. To support your global aspirations, the university supports several funding options below to help you open doors to an expansive world of opportunities. Click on each card for application information. Global Pursuits