Psychology Wing | Life Sciences Centre (LSC)

Classrooms & Labs

4208 - Seminar Room
4260 - Large Classroom (4th floor)
5208 - Seminar Room
5260 - Large classroom (5th floor)

Lab Rooms
2266 - General Lab Classroom
4545 - 3rd Year Lab Classes
5207 - 1st Year Intro. Psychology Lab Room
5272 - Undergraduate Imaging Lab
5257 - Neuroscience/Perception Lab Room
(used for many classes, including NESC 2007)
5269 - Teaching Lab

Computer Lab

Lounge & Study Spaces

2nd Floor - Exclusive to Faculty, Staff, and Grad Students
3rd  Floor - Everyone welcome

Study Areas
Lilyan E. White Study Centre - 4332, 4th floor, Psychology & Neuroscience Wing
Wallace McCain Learning Commons
Connected to the LSC - From second floor Psych & Neuro Department, swing right past Tim Horton's. Look for the big glass doors.  

Library Resources

Need even more space? The Library has you covered. Check out the following study spaces available to current students: