Pre‑Application Form for Admission

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Applications for admission are not reviewed during the summer term (May 1st to August 31st). Please submit after September 1st.

Admission into the graduate program is conditional on finding a thesis supervisor.

The Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science has a minimum GPA requirement of 3.7 for graduate program admissions.  We recommend an optional pre-application process to determine whether you meet our requirements and to help you identify a potential supervisor prior to submitting a formal application. When applying, please include a CV and Research Statement as well as transcript(s) in one PDF file. If applying to the PhD program, please include both undergrad and MSc transcripts. 
Note: All transcripts need to be accompanied by the university’s grading scale.

Following submission of your pre-application, you are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly.

After review your pre-application by members of the Department, the Graduate Secretary will contact you to advise you whether you should proceed with a formal application.

To submit a pre-application, please fill out the following form:

 Certificate (*Applies to Medical Physics Only)
 Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
 International Student

Research Interests:

 Applied Physics
 Astrophysics, Cosmology
 Atmospheric Science
 Biological Physics
 Condensed Matter Physics
 Materials Science
 Subatomic Physics
 Radiation Oncology Physics
 Diagnostic Imaging Physics
 Nuclear Medicine Physics
You are able to "cut and paste" into the field above; however, please check the format before submitting.

Contact Information


*Although it is not required at this time, we encourage you to arrange for two or more letters of reference from your advisors. These can be emailed to