Course Syllabus

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FALL 2023

Course Code Instructor   Course Syllabus
PHYC 1190 S. de Vet Introduction to Physics
PHYC 1310 S. Payne Physics in & Around You I
PHYC 1400 P. Bennett Life in the Universe
PHYC 2060 L. Kreplak Oscillations and Waves
PHYC 2150 C. Yang Physics Tools: Experiment Syllabus
PHYC 2451 P. Bennett Solar System Astronomy
PHYC 2515 K. Hall Modern Physics
PHYC 2800 M. Helbig
Climate Change
PHYC 3000 I. Hamam Experimental Physics I
PHYC 3100 T. Monchesky Electrodynamics
PHYC 3200 T. Duck Thermodynamics
PHYC 3340 I. Hamam Electronics
PHYC 3540 C. Yang Optics & Photonics
PHYC 3640 K. Hall Quantum Physics
PHYC 3900 L. Kreplak Introduction to Soft Matter Physics
PHYC 4099 P. Bennett Stellar Struct. & Evolution
PHYC 4151 T. Monchesky Quantum Physics II
PHYC 4411 M. Helbig Atmospheric Dynamics I
PHYC 4520 M. Helbig Introduction to Atmospheric Science
PHYC 4540 M. Lemmon Synotic Meteorology I
PHYC 4595 R. Chang Atmospheric Chemistry
PHYC 4800 I. Hill
Honors Research Project I
PHYC 6600 M. Metzger Topics in Physics


Course Code Instructor Course Syllabus
PHYC 1290 S. de Vet Introduction to Physics
PHYC 1320 S. Hartery Physics In and Around You
PHYC 1600 R. Chang Understanding Weather
PHYC 2050 P. Xiao Introduction to Numerical Programming
PHYC 2310 M. Metzger Energy and the Environment
PHYC 2452 P. Bennett Astronomy II: Stars and Beyond
PHYC 2510 P. Bennett Electricity and Magnetism
PHYC 3010 D. Labrie Experimental Physics II
PHYC 3180 K. Hall Contemporary Physics
PHYC 3210 A. Rutenberg Statistical Mechanics
PHYC 3250 J. Maassen Computational Methods in Physics
PHYC 3590 T. Duck Advanced Classical Mechanics
PHYC 4230/5230 P. Xiao Introduction to Condensed Matter
PHYC 4250/5250 A. Rutenberg Topics in Numerical Computing
PHYC 4412/5412 I. Folkins Atmospheric Dynamics II
PHYC 4505/5505 I. Folkins Atmospheric Physics
PHYC 4550/5550 M. Lemmon Synoptic Meteorology II
PHYC 4570/5570 T. Duck Light Scattering, Radiative Transfer, and Remote Sensing
PHYC 4850 I. Hill Honours Research Project II
PHYC 6201 J. Maassen Solid State Physics
PHYC 6301 T. Monchesky Electrodynamics I


Course number

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PHYC 0010   University Prep Physics Fall
PHYC 1190 Introduction to Physics
PHYC 1290 Introduction to Physics Winter
PHYC 1310X/Y Physics In and Around You Fall
PHYC 1320 Physics In and Around You F/W
PHYC 1400 Life in the Universe Fall
PHYC 1600 Understanding Weather Winter
PHYC 2050 Introduction to Numerical Programming Fall
PHYC 2060 Oscillations and Waves Fall
PHYC 2140 Physics Tools: Theory Fall
PHYC 2150 Physics Tools: Experiment Fall
PHYC 2250 Physics of Biological and Medical Technology Winter
PHYC 2310 Energy and the Environment Winter
PHYC 2451 Astronomy I: The Sky and Planets Fall
PHYC 2452 Astronomy II: Stars and Beyond Winter
PHYC 2510 Electricity and Magnetism Winter
PHYC 2515 Modern Physics Fall
PHYC 2610 Introduction to Biomechanics  
PHYC 2800 Climate Change Fall
PHYC 2850 The Science and Economics of Climate Change  
PHYC 3000 Experimental Physics I Fall
PHYC 3010 Experimental Physics II Winter
PHYC 3050 Introduction to Numerical Programming Fall
PHYC 3100 Electrodynamics Fall
PHYC 3180 Contemporary Physics Winter
PHYC 3200 Thermodynamics Fall
PHYC 3210 Statistical Mechanics Winter
PHYC 3250 Computational Methods in Physics Winter
PHYC 3303 Materials Science Fall
PHYC 3340 Electronics Fall
PHYC 3540 Optics and Photonics Fall
PHYC 3640 Quantum Physics I Fall
PHYC 3810 Microcomputers and the Real World  
PHYC 3900 Introduction to Soft Condensed Matter Physics Fall
PHYC 4098 The Physical Cosmology  
PHYC 4099 Stellar Structure and Evolution  
PHYC 4100 Electrodynamics Winter
PHYC 4151 Quantum Physics II Fall
PHYC 4160 Mathematical Methods of Physics Fall
PHYC 4180 Nuclear and Particle Physics Winter
PHYC 4230 Introduction to Condensed Matter Winter
PHYC 4250 Topics in Numerical Computing Winter
PHYC 4311 Fluid Dynamics  
PHYC 4411 Atmospheric Dynamics I Fall
PHYC 4412 Atmospheric Dynamics II Winter
PHYC 4460 Advanced Optics Winter
PHYC 4505/5505 Atmospheric Physics Winter
PHYC 4520 Introduction to Atmospheric Science Fall
PHYC 4540 Synoptic Meteorology I Fall
PHYC 4550 Synoptic Meteorology II Winter
PHYC 4570 Light Scattering, Radiative Transfer, and Remote Sensing Winter
PHYC 4595/5595 Atmospheric Chemistry Fall
PHYC 4650 General Relativity  
PHYC 4660 Cosmology Winter
PHYC 4800X/Y Honours Research Project I Fall
PHYC 4850 Honours Research Project II Winter
PHYC 6201 Solid State Physics Winter
PHYC 6261 Statistical Mechanics I
PHYC 6301 Electrodynamics I Winter
PHYC 6580
(Aerosol &) Cloud (Micro)Physics Winter