Course Syllabus

NOTE: List is still in progress

The following undergraduate courses will be offered in the 2016-17 academic year. 

Please note: the syllabi found here are for reference only and may not be up-to-date.

For more details, please see this year's Academic Calendar for Physics and Atmospheric Science.

Course number Course name Term Course Syllabus
PHYC 0010   University Prep Physics Fall  
PHYC 1190 Introduction to Physics
Fall PDF - 461 KB
PHYC 1290 Introduction to Physics Winter
PDF - 177 KB
PHYC 1300X/Y Physics In and Around You F/W
PDF - 443 KB
PHYC 1310 Physics in and Around You F/W
See: PHYC 1300
PHYC 1320 Physics In and Around You F/W See: PHYC 1300
PHYC 1450X/Y Astronomy: The Evolving Universe F/W PDF - 126 KB
PHYC 1600 Understanding Weather Winter PDF - 644 KB
PHYC 2140 Physics Tools: Theory Fall PDF - 518 KB
PHYC 2150 Physics Tools: Experiment Winter  
PHYC 2250 Physics of Biological and Medical Technology Winter  
PHYC 2310 Energy and the Environment Winter  
PHYC 2451 Astronomy I: The Sky and Planets Fall  
PHYC 2452 Astronomy II: Stars and Beyond Winter PDF - 194 KB
PHYC 2510 Electricity and Magnetism Winter PDF - 69 KB
PHYC 2515 Modern Physics Fall PDF - 206 KB   
PHYC 2610 Introduction to Biomechanics    
PHYC 2800 Climate Change Fall PDF - 644 KB
PHYC 2850 The Science and Economics of Climate Change    
PHYC 3000 Experimental Physics I Fall PDF - 142 KB
PHYC 3010 Experimental Physics II Winter PDF - 135 KB
PHYC 3050 Introduction to Numerical Programming Fall  
PHYC 3180 Contemporary Physics Winter  
PHYC 3200 Thermodynamics Fall PDF - 162 KB
PHYC 3210 Statistical Mechanics Winter PDF - 189 KB
PHYC 3250 Computational Methods in Physics Winter  
PHYC 3303 Materials Science Fall  
PHYC 3340 Electronics Fall PDF - 131 KB
PHYC 3640 Quantum Physics I Fall  
PHYC 3810 Microcomputers and the Real World    
PHYC 3900 Introduction to Soft Condensed Matter Physics Fall  
PHYC 4098 The Physical Cosmology    
PHYC 4099 Stellar Structure and Evolution    
PHYC 4100 Electrodynamics Winter  
PHYC 4151 Quantum Physics II Fall PDF - 507KB
PHYC 4160 Mathematical Methods of Physics Fall  
PHYC 4180 Nuclear and Particle Physics Winter  
PHYC 4230 Introduction to Condensed Matter Winter PDF - 191 KB
PHYC 4250 Topics in Numerical Computing Winter  
PHYC 4311 Fluid Dynamics    
PHYC 4411 Atmospheric Dynamics I Fall PDF - 164 KB
PHYC 4412 Atmospheric Dynamics II Winter PDF - 168 KB
PHYC 4460 Advanced Optics Winter  
PHYC 4505 Atmospheric Physics Winter PDF - 219 KB
PHYC 4520 Introduction to Atmospheric Science Fall  
PHYC 4540 Synoptic Meteorology I Fall  
PHYC 4550 Synoptic Meteorology II Winter  
PHYC 4570 Light Scattering, Radiative Transfer, and Remote Sensing Winter
PHYC 4595 Atmospheric Chemistry Fall PDF - 133 KB
PHYC 4650 General Relativity    
PHYC 4660 Cosmology Winter  
PHYC 4800X/Y  Honours Research Project I Fall PDF - 199 KB
PHYC 4850 Honours Research Project II Winter See: PHYC 4800X/Y
PHYC 8891 Co-op Work-Term I    
PHYC 8892 Co-op Work-Term II    
PHYC 8893 Co-op Work Term III    
PHYC 8894 Co-op Work Term IV