More than ever before, our lives depend upon the results of research being done in university labs and affiliated institutions. The debate about climate change continues; regardless of what's causing it, we need to develop alternative sources of energy and energy storage. Faculty and researchers in Dalhousie's Department of Physics and Atmospheric Science are working towards those goals.

They're also studying the composition of our atmosphere, using satellite data and ground-based models to determine levels of particulate matter (PM), its sources, and whether there's a correlation between high levels of certain elements and human health issues, such as asthma. 

Whatever their particular focus, professors and researchers at Dal are advancing science by using the latest theories, tools and technologies - and some of them are even developing instruments of their own, to be used by other research communities. And you can be a part of it, whether you're an undergraduate or graduate student, or a post-doctoral fellow.

World-class facilities

Physics and Atmospheric Science faculty conduct cutting-edge research projects - right here on the Dal campus. Find out more about our research labs.