Financial Assistance

You may be eligible for a financial aid support program. Financial aid may be in the form of grants, scholarships or awards.

Financial assistance is available through Dalhousie, as well as a number of external organizations. Be sure to check this page often for updates as we receive notification of external scholarship and grant opportunities regularly.

There are several other general scholarship, bursary and funding aid opportunities available on the Money Matters page under Funding Sources.  New opportunites and changes to existing possibilities are updated often.

Scholarships and Bursaries - Undergraduate Studies

The Ralph and Frances Lewis Jeffery Scholarship 
From the Estate of Frances E. Jeffery came a bequest in 1979 to endow a scholarship which is to be awarded to a student who has completed the final year of an honours degree in Mathematics, and who has maintained at least a second-class standing during the first three years of the class.

The L.A. DeWolfe Memorial Scholarship* 
A fund has been established under the Will of the late Dr. L.A. DeWolfe to provide undergraduate scholarships in Mathematics or Science. Application not required.

The Carl Mushkat Memorial Scholarships* 
The Carl Mushkat Memorial Fund was established at Dalhousie University in 1979 as a bequest under the Will of the late Carl Mushkat. The fund provides scholarships to students in Mathematics or Science. Application not required

The Ross Stewart Smith Scholarships* 
A significant bequest established these memorial scholarships for students who excel in the sciences or mathematics. Application not required.

First Nations & Indigenous Black Students Scholarship* 
Ten renewable entrance scholarships of $12,000 ($3,000 per year) each are available to First Nations and Indigenous Black students, who are residents of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island, and are entering Dalhousie for the first time. Scholarships are available to students who are applying directly from high school as well as those who have attended another post-secondary institution. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of a student's financial need and academic standing. Please submit a General Entrance Award application by March 15.

Mathematics & Statistics Bursary Fund 
An annual bursary to be awarded to a student enrolled in the second, third or fourth year of an undergraduate program, leading to a degree in Mathematics or Statistics at Dalhousie University. The recipient will have demonstrated financial need and satisfactory academic standing. Apply through the general online bursary program. Deadline: October 15.

*These scholarships are administered by the Registrar’s Office.

Scholarships and Bursaries - Graduate Studies

Every year the Department offers funding to newly admitted graduate students from a variety of sources.  These scholarships are funded by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, individual faculty research grants, and teaching assistantships.  To be considered please make sure that we have your application for our program by January 15.  For details and current levels of funding, please see the Graduate Handbook.

The following additional sources of funding are also available.

Heller-Smith Foundation Graduate Scholarship in Mathematics & Statistics 
The Scholarship was established to provide financial support and recognition to a graduate student. This scholarship will be awarded annually on the basis of academic achievement as determined by the faculty committee in the department of Mathematics and Statistics

The Professor Michael Edelstein Memorial Graduate Prize 
Dr. Michael Edelstein was instrumental in transforming the Mathematics and Statistics department into one of formidable research with great emphasis on graduate instruction. This prize, made possible through a generous donation by his family, is awarded annually to a graduate student who shows great promise in the mathematical sciences. In order to encourage mathematical talent in both genders, the prize will alternate between male and female recipients. Application is not required as all Mathematics and Statistics graduate students are automatically considered.

The Patrick F. Lett Graduate Students' Assistance Bursary
This bursary is to aid graduate students who are having difficulty getting sufficient assistance from other funding sources.The student must demonstrate a financial need in conjunction with supportive information from their Supervisor or Chair of the Department. No student applying for this bursary is to be judged based upon their academic qualifications. Acceptance into Graduate School at Dalhousie University is to serve as sufficient criteria of academic worth. Applications are considered on a per-term basis.

For more information, see application procedures and to apply fill out the application form.  

Killam Predoctoral Scholarships
Dalhousie awards Killam Predoctoral Scholarships on a competitive basis to outstanding graduate students planning to enroll or already enrolled in thesis programs (Master's or Doctoral level) in any discipline in the sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

More information is available at Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 1 (Master's) and or Killam Predoctoral Scholarship Level 2 (Doctoral)

Prizes and Awards

Bernoulli Prize
The Bernoulli Prize will be awarded annually to the student registered in the Co-op Mathematics Program who has the best cumulative academic record, subject to the restrictions that the prize can be awarded only once to a given individual and that the winner must have performed acceptably in all work term assignments. 

The Dr. Emil and Mrs. Stella Blum Prize in Mathematics 
A fund was established by Dr. Ilya Blum in memory of his parents Emil and Stella Blum. The prize will be awarded to an advanced major or Honours Mathematics student who achieves the highest grade in second year calculus. 

The Katherine M. Buttenshaw Prize 
This prize will be awarded annually to the student standing highest in the advanced Mathematics classes. 

Ken Dunn Memorial Prize 
The fund which was established in memory of Ken Dunn will provide an annual prize to a student who has completed the third year of an Honours program in Mathematics or Statistics, or a combined Honours program in Mathematics and Statistics. 

Barry Ward Fawcett Memorial Prize 
Established by friends and colleagues of the late Dr. Barry Ward Fawcett who was an associate professor of Computing Science from 1982 until his untimely death at age 50 in 1991. This prize is awarded annually to a student who has completed between 30 and 60 credit hours, registered in a mathematics or statistics program, and has achieved the highest grade in MATH/CSCI 2113(discrete Structures II). 

The Ellen McCaughin McFarlane Prize 
A Fund has been established in memory of Ellen McCaughin McFarlane, Class of 1927. Initially, the Fund is to provide an annual prize to an honours mathematics student who at the end of his/her first year* in the honours program has achieved the highest standing. (*Normally, this would be upon the completion of the second year at Dalhousie.) 

The Waverly Prize 
This prize will be awarded annually to the student with the highest standing in Mathematics 1010. 

The Sir William Young Gold Medal 
Founded by the bequest of the late Sir William Young, this medal will be awarded on graduation to the student who stands first among those taking First Class Honours in Mathematics. (This is the University Medal in Mathematics.) 

University Medal in Statistics 
The Department established this medal to be awarded to the student who stands highest among the First Class Honours graduates in the Statistics program.

The Professor Michael Edelstein Memorial Graduate Prize
Dr. Edelstein was an outstanding Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics from 1964 to 1982. He was instrumental in the transformation of the department to the research department it is now, with a strong graduate component. A fund was established by his family to provide an annual prize to be awarded to a graduate student who shows great promise in the mathematical sciences. In order to encourage mathematical talent in both genders, the prize will alternate between male and female recipients.