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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty

Our faculty members are leading experts who are highly respected in Canada and around the world. Many have received recognition for teaching excellence, subject-matter expertise and innovative research. Our professors carry their passion for discovery and knowledge directly into the classroom.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has several full-time tenured faculty and multiple adjunct faculty members.  

Search faculty by name or research area, view our staff directory, and postdoctoral fellows. Additionally, you can search a faculty member by Department.

Faculty Honors

Killam Awards

Killam Award
Year of Award Amount of Award
Dr. Peter Selinger Killam Professor 2017 - 2022
$2,000/yr for 5 years
Dr. Edward Susko Killam Profesor 2015 - 2020
$2,000/yr for 5 years
Dr. Shigui Ruan Killam Prize 1998 $2,000
Dr. Alan Coley Killam Professor 1997 - 2002 $2,000/yr for 5 years


University Research Professorships

Dr. Richard Nowakowski
2011 - 2016