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Undergraduate Advising: Julien Ross
mathadvisor@mathstat.dal.ca 902-494-1660

Co-op Advising: Jason Brown
Coopadvisor@mathstat.dal.ca 902-494-7063

Graduate Advising: Sara Faridi
mathgradcoordinator@mathstat.dal.ca 902-494-2658

Honours Coordinator: Julien Ross
Neil.JR.Ross@dal.ca 902-494-1660


Undergraduate Advising & Honours Coordinator: Ed Susko 
edward.susko@dal.ca 902-494-8865

Co-op Advising: Jason Brown
Coopadvisor@mathstat.dal.ca 902-494-7063

Graduate Advising: Joanna Mills Flemming 902-494-1268

Actuarial Science:
Undergraduate Advising & Honours Coordinator: Toby Kenney 
tkenney@mathstat.dal.ca 902-494-3896

Our Faculty

Our faculty members are leading experts who are highly respected in Canada and around the world. Many have received recognition for teaching excellence, subject-matter expertise and innovative research. Our professors carry their passion for discovery and knowledge directly into the classroom.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has many full-time tenured faculty and multiple adjunct faculty members

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Faculty Honours

Killam Awards

Killam Award
Year of Award  
Dr. T. Kolokolnikov Killam Professor 2018 - 2023  
Dr. Peter Selinger Killam Professor 2017 - 2022  
Dr. Edward Susko Killam Professor 2015 - 2020  
Dr. Alan Coley Killam Professor 1997 - 2002  


University Research Fellowships

Dr. Richard Nowakowski
2011 - 2016