Helpful Resources



Your field courses will have detailed packing lists to give you all the information you need to stay warm and happy, but if you want to get ahead of the game and have a better sense of why that list exists, check out the resources below! And don’t forget – snacks are key.


Brand new to hiking and camping? Some starter tips! The 10 essentials for hiking and camping:

Worried about getting cold? You can be warm a cozy with a little preparation! Staying warm and sleeping warm:

Why do fieldwork, anyway? Here is a great journal article, Study skills enhancement through geography and environmental fieldwork:

Need help choosing a good field notebook to record all of your notes and observations? This is an extensive rundown of the different options for Rite in the Rain notebooks (none are bad choices, but if you’re curious): Best field notebooks

Trying to figure out how much water you should be carrying with you? Your professors and TAs can guide you, but for an idea (hint: it’s probably more than you think), Hydration basics:

Want some inspiration for what to pack as fieldwork snacks? 11 Snacks That Every Science Major Needs in the Field: