Scholarships, Awards and Prizes

The Department of Chemistry awards annually a large number of prizes and scholarships to undergraduate students with excellent academic records. With the exception of the Hill Bursaries, all students in an honours chemistry program or majoring in chemistry are automatically considered. Applications for the Hill Bursaries should be submitted before September 15.

Dr. Jean Cooley Conference Participation Grant

Established to support Canadian analytical chemistry students, who self-identify aswomen, with a preference to graduate students, to attend specialized technical conferences, meetings, and symposia, with an annual amount of $2,500. It is recognized that conference attendance is a priceless learning opportunity that enables students to network with others in their field, develop their presentation skills, and discover professional and academic opportunities. As conferences can be cost prohibitive, it is expected that the recipient’s supervisor will also provide funds to support the student’s participation.

Lloyd & Margaret Cooley Memorial Undergraduate Summer Research and Academic Scholarships in Analytical Chemistry

To provide annual summer research awards of $2,000 for up to three undergraduate Canadian students who self-identify as women and who are undertaking research projects using analytical chemistry techniques in the Faculty of Science. These funds are to be used to supplement the recipients’ pay. Upon successful completion of the summer research experience, recipients will be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 academic scholarship (total of $3,000 in funding), provided they continue to remain enrolled at Dalhousie University in the same or a related undergraduate program, or enrol in a similar graduate program at Dalhousie.

E. Walter Todd Scholarships

Under the provision of a bequest from the late Miss Mabel Vernon Todd who died in Halifax, May 7, 1957, The E. Walter Todd Scholarship in Chemistry was established. A handsomely bound book bearing the words "Given by Mabel Vernon Todd in memory of her brother, E. Walter Todd" was to be purchased and given to the scholarship winner.

Alan Chaloner Hill Bursaries

Mrs. Alison Biedermann-Hill established an endowed fund in 1997 to commemorate the distinguished career of her father, Dr. Allan Chaloner Hill (B.Sc. and Life President of the Class of '25). At the time of his retirement he was CEO of Anglo Paper Products.

Walter J. Chute Scholarship

The Walter J. Chute Prize, established by the family, friends and colleagues of the late Professor Walter J. Chute, is awarded to a chemistry student with an outstanding record in organic chemistry. Dr. Chute joined the Department in 1943 and taught organic chemistry to several generations of students during his 42-year career. He was head of the department for 15 years.

Hugh Graeme Fraser Memorial Prize

This award was founded by members of the arts and science class of 1931, upon their graduation, both as their graduation gift to the university and in order to perpetuate the memory of their classmate, Hugh Graeme Fraser, of Truro, N.S., who lost his life as a result of a tragic accident in the organic chemistry laboratory, while engaged in research work in February, 1931, three months before completing his Honours degree.

Kenneth and Dorothy Hayes Memorial Prize

This prize, in memory of Professor and Mrs. Hayes, was established in 1990 by their children, Elizabeth and Robert, and is awarded to a student for excellent performance and promise in physical chemistry classes. Dr. Kenneth Hayes was a Professor of Chemistry at Dalhousie from 1958 until his death in 1988. His research interests were in physical chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis.

Knop Prize in Chemistry

This prize, awarded to the best student in both class and laboratory work in the second-year inorganic chemistry class, was established in 1990 to recognize the years of distinguished service that Professor Osvald Knop gave to the Department of Chemistry. He joined the Department in 1964 initiating a solid-state inorganic chemistry group through the application of X-ray diffraction and other techniques. Dr. Knop retired from teaching in 1990 but continued to be very active in research, publishing until he was 85.

Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal

The Canadian Society for Chemistry Silver Medal is awarded to the student obtaining the highest academic standing in the penultimate year in chemistry at universities across Canada in courses accredited by the Society. The winner receives an engraved med al accompanied by a certificate.

ACS Award in Analytical Chemistry

Sponsored by the Division of Analytical Chemistry of the American Chemical Society, this award is intended to increase student interest in analytical chemistry and to recognize students who exhibit an aptitude for a career in that field. The winner of the award is chosen on the basis of academic performance in third-year analytical chemistry classes.

CRC Press Freshman Achievement Award

Awarded on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in first-year chemistry, the CRC Press Freshman Achievement Award is given at more than 2,000 universities and colleges. Winning students receive a complimentary copy of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics and a commemorative scroll to be mounted on the inside front cover.

 John Carstairs Arnell Prize

The Honours Project Award was renamed the John Carstairs Arnell Prize in 1996 in recognition of the establishment of an endowed fund by Dr. Arnell, an Honours Chemistry graduate of the class of 1939. The award is made annually to the student who has submitted and defended the best Honours Research Project.

John Hamilton Barrett Prize

The John Hamilton Barrett Prize was established with a gift from his widow, Mrs. Marjorie Barrett, in December 1944. It was originally designed to provide an annual award at the end of the fourth year of the course to a student — a son of a veteran who served in the Second World War or a person who himself served in the same war — who has shown exceptional ability in chemistry or some other science.

Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award

The Society of Chemical Industry Merit Award is presented annually to the student with the highest standing in the final year of the chemistry program.