Honours Program

Honours program

What are the effects of hurricanes on coral reefs? How do pilot whales communicate with each other?

If you wish to combine your marine biology with oceanography or continue with a graduate program in sciences, apply for our four year undergraduate honours degree.

Learn from internationally recognized marine scientists and conduct your own research as part of your fourth year honours project.

For further information about the Marine Biology (Honours) program:

Honours Advisors

HONOURS (Biology and Marine Biology) Availability
Margi Cooper
mhcooper@dal.ca by appointment
Patrice Côté patrice.Cote@dal.ca by appointment
Julie LaRoche julie.laroche@dal.ca by appointment
Aaron MacNeil a.macneil@dal.ca by appointment  
Glenn Crossin glenn.crossin@dal.ca by appointment
Mindy McCarville mindy.mccarville@dal.ca by appointment

Honours Co-op Advisors

CO-OP (Marine Biology) Availability
Nancy McAllister-Irwin
nancy.mcallister-irwin@dal.ca by appointment