SCSD Student Society

Chaired by a second year student, the SCSD Student Society is an organization comprised of representatives from all three years of the program. Objectives of the Society are as follows:

  • To promote unity within the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD) by facilitating and maintaining communication and cooperation among students and faculty.
  • To encourage and provide opportunities for participation in social and educational events of society members.
  • To establish and maintain communication with other student societies within the Faculty of Health, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Dalhousie Student Union.
  • To organize the monies and properties granted to, or otherwise acquired by, the Society to fulfill the objectives.
  • To organize activities for the student society in accordance with all university, student union, and school regulations and policies.

Student Society Members for 2019-2020

Vice President                               
Clinician Appreciation Committee Co-Chairs

SAC Speech-Language Pathology Representative

SAC Audiology Representative
Colloquium Representative
Committee on Studies Representative
Curriculum Committee Representative (S-LP)
Curriculum Committee Representative (Audiology)
Diversity Committee Representative
Grad Class Co-Chairs

SHANS Representative (S-LP and Audiology)
Social Representatives

Sports Representatives

Advocacy S-LP Representative
Advocacy Audiology Representative
DAGS/DSU Representative
CAA Representative (3rd Year Audiology Student)  
CAA Representative (designate while as 2nd Year Audiology Student)  
Student Advocacy and Inclusion Advisors

Lauren Peters
Abbie Goguen
Tori Erickson
Lauren Blake
Julianne Fost (S-LP)
Katie Cranford (Audio)
Katelyn O'Hanley
Evan Mahaney
Meg Miller
Juliana McLaren
Leah Hastings
Nikita Crowell
To be confirmed
Chad Diebold
Jessica Gutiw
Megan Woodman
Kristen Baker
Amy O'Brien
Brenna Petterson
Natalie Hearn
Brianna Clark
Eli Lubel
Evan Mahaney
Kelsey McIntyre
Lauren Peters
Laura Eves
Keara Boyce
Juliana McLaren


Class Representatives

First Year Speech-Language Pathology To be confirmed
  Audiology To be confirmed
Second Year Speech-Language Pathology Sara Watters
  Audiology Katie Cranford
Third Year Speech-Language Pathology Mackenzie Stockford
  Audiology Nicole Cranford

Other Projects

For the Health of It (FTHOI) Team
  • Kennedy Lundberg
  • Evan Mahaney
  • Brenna Petterson
  • Katie Cranford
  • Nikita Crowell
  • Juliana McLaren
  • Meg Miller
  • Julianne Fost
Speaking of Aphasia Fundraiser Team
  • vacant