Curriculum Map

A background in a variety of science topics is essential for successful completion of courses in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (S-LP). Typically in Canadian universities, courses in relevant background areas are required as prerequisites for admission to Audiology and S-LP programs. At the School of Communication Sciences and Disorders (SCSD), we do not have this requirement. Instead, we offer these courses – called foundation courses – as part of our programs. The foundation courses are customized to provide relevant background to the profession-specific courses that follow.

An overview of the connections among courses in our curriculum is provided in the documents posted in this section of our website. The Curriculum Course Connections flowchart lists foundation courses and post-foundation courses separately; post-foundation courses are grouped according to topic. The linkage between each foundation course to other courses in the program is shown in Foundation Course Linkages. A summary of topics for each of the post-foundation courses is provided in the Post-foundation Course Topic Summaries document. 


Speech-Language Patholgoy

Speech-Language Pathology Curriculum Map

Courses Sequences