For undergraduate students

A health-focused career

With the current focus on preventing health problems, as well as on early diagnosis and enhancing wellness, graduates of our programs have a myriad of opportunitites to bring their newfound skills and knowledge to the workplace. No matter your area of study, you’ll be able to apply your theoretical and practical knowledge in a wide range of settings. 

Graduates of the Health Promotion program have gone on to apply their theory and practical knowledge in many settings, and assisted in health program and policy development and implementation at the individual, community, government and global levels. 

Graduates of our Kinesiology program are well prepared for the multi-disciplinary approach used in a variety of fields, including occupational and clinical kinesiology, exercise management, sport medicine, research, administration, health and safety organizations, and many more.

Graduates from Recreation Management and Therapeutic Recreation programs – rapidly growing fields as people seek healthier and more active lifestyles – have gone on to pursue diverse career opportunities as members of interdisciplinary teams throughout the health-care and recreation sectors. 

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Need more help with career options?

Dalhousie offers career development advice through the Frank G. Lawson Career Information Centre, as well as the Career Services Centre. Find out more about the resources available to you.

Also consider that volunteer work can be a valuable and rewarding learning experience which can also help with career development, and that volunteer work is often advantageous or required for admission to certain professional programs. With this in mind, we have created a PowerPoint resource guide to help students learn about the basics of volunteering, and what resources exist at Dalhousie to help students with a volunteer job search: [Volunteering 101-340KB]