Alumni & Friends

Congratulations - you're now a Dalhousie alumnus or alumna!

But no matter how far away from Dal campus your career path might take you, it's easy to say in touch through the Dalhousie Alumni Association and other services Dal provides to graduates.

You can also find out about what your fellow alumni are doing in Dal News and Dalhousie Magazine.

Alumni of the School of Health and Human Performance

The School of Health and Human Performance is currently in the process of compilingĀ a database of our alumni. If you graduated from any of the bachelor's or master's programs, get in touch and we'll add you to the database - email us:

If you're a Kinesiology graduate, get in touch with Darren MacDonald (BSc Kinesiology'96):

Benefits for current students

Current students benefit from an alumni database by having the opportunity to connect with those practicing in the field. Establishing links with alumni may also provide networking opportunities, perhaps leading to employment or further research after graduation.

Benefits for alumni

Through the alumni database and our e-newsletter, graduates can stay in contact with the school and each other - you never need to worry about losing touch with friends and former classmates. Alumni can also play a role in curriculum development to benefit students, mentor, assist, and even hire our high-achieving graduates.

Benefits for the School of Health and Human Performance

By keeping in touch with our alumni, we can establish vital links with members of the community currently in practice. With help from our alumni, we can ensure that our current students are graduating from a degree program that offers them everything they will need to become a professional.

Find out more about the benefits of being a Dal alumnus.