The following is a list of awards, bursaries and scholarships available to students in the School of Health and Human Performance. For any further details, please contact Patsy Koelink at

The Dr. Jerry Singleton Leadership Award has a separate application form (see below).  All other awards please use this application form.

PHE Canada Student Award

To recognize outstanding undergraduate student leadership in the field of physical education or a related discipline. Candidates must be 2nd or 3rd year undergraduate students in physical or health education or a related discipline. 

Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) Undergraduate Student Award

The CSEP/SCPE Undergraduate Student Award recognizes excellence in academic achievement among undergraduate students. The award is offered in all Canadian universities that offer an undergraduate degree in physical education, human kinetics, or related disciplines. The recipients shall be graduating students who achieve the highest academic standing in their undergraduate class in the scientific portion of the curriculum.

The award is in the form of a glass paperweight and a citation suitable for framing. One award shall be granted at each university and all students are automatically considered for the award.

Denton Hurdle Memorial Bursary

This bursary honours the memory of Denton Gordon Clifford Hurdle, BPE'80, and provides financial assistance to a Bermudian student enrolled at Dalhousie University.
The bursary is valued at approximately $2,000/year (renewable) to a Bermudian citizen attending Dal who meets the following criteria:

  • Preference is given to graduates of Warwick Academy and to students enrolled in the School of Health and Human Performance.
  • The recipient must have achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 in the Bermuda Secondary School Certificate.
  • The recipient must have demonstrated a capacity to contribute to the university community through qualities of leadership and athletic ability.

The bursary is renewable in the subsequent years of the student's academic program, provided that he or she maintains satisfactory academic standing. Selection of a recipient is made by the Awards Office at Dalhousie. Deadline for nominations is December 31 of each year.

Dr. Hugh A. Noble Award

Each year, the Dr. Hugh A. Noble award is presented to one of the graduands from the School of Health and Human Performance. The award was created in honour of Dr. Hugh A. Noble, whose contribution made the award possible. The criteria for selection of the recipient reflects Dr. Noble's feelings about qualities important to success in our profession:

  • Citizenship - voluntary involvement and contribution to one's community
  • Leadership - voluntary involvement in a leadership role(s) in professional activities
  • Academics - high cumulative GPA for the last four terms in the program as a full-time student

Faculty and students are invited to submit nominations for this award but, in so doing, must supply background material for the first two criteria in as much detail as possible. Nominations are submitted to the Director of the School of Health and Human Performance by April 30 of each year.

Freda Wales Memorial Scholarship

As a tribute to the outstanding contribution that Freda Wales made to the development of the outdoor recreation field in Nova Scotia, a one-time scholarship program has been established in her memory. The purpose is to ensure that the work begun by Freda will continue.

The value of the award is $500 and is for the duration of one academic year. The award is granted to an individual who has successfully completed two years of college or university and is pursuing a program specializing in outdoor leadership at Dalhousie University. Consideration will also be given to certain others who wish to take an appropriate related class at Dalhousie University, such as

  • A practicing professional in education or recreation programming, or other professional who has demonstrated leadership and interest in the development of outdoor activities in his or her occupation in Nova Scotia.
  • An active volunteer who has demonstrated leadership in the development of outdoor activities in Nova Scotia and who wishes to further develop his or her competency.

This scholarship is awarded to a resident of Nova Scotia. Preference will be given to an applicant who can demonstrate that their new skills will be used to benefit the province and its citizens.

Applications should be sent to the Director of the School of Health and Human Performance. Deadline for applications is April 30.

Graduate Student Society Award

Each year, the Graduate Student Society (GSS) presents this award to an outstanding graduate student within the School of Health and Human Performance who benefits the school through academic achievements, school spirit, and/or volunteerism. The deserving student shall be nominated by graduate students, faculty, staff, and/or undergraduate students. Nominations for this award close March 31 of each academic year.

To be eligible for this award, the recipient must

  • demonstrate academic ability with a 3.70 GPA or better
  • have participated in GSS activities
  • contribute to HAHP through academic and/or voluntary work

The above are guidelines for nominations and all nominated graduate students shall be considered for the award. The nominator shall provide information as to why this student is deserving of the award. The nominated graduate student can be from any year of study. Nominations shall be in the form of a letter and shall include the above criteria. Letters can be submitted in confidence to the administrative secretary, Graduate Studies.

Dr. John C. Pooley Sportsperson Award

This award will be presented to a person who enhances the sport they participate in or has assisted in its development.  Therefore, students who are not "elite" athletes may have the opportunity to win this award.

Deadline for nominations is April 30.

Leisure Research Congress Award

To be revised.


Matthew Knox Award

This award is in recognition of the first Rhodes Scholar from the School of Health and Human Performance, Matthew Knox (BScKinesiology'05). The Rhodes Scholarship, established in 1902, is the oldest of the international study awards available to Canadian students. Of the 85 Dal students to have won the award since its inception, Matthew Knox is the first-ever recipient from Dal's Faculty of Health Professions.

The same criteria for the Rhodes Scholarship will be used as guidelines in determining appropriate prospective student recipients in the School of Health and Human Performance for the Matthew Knox Award. These include high academic achievement, integrity of character, a spirit of unselfishness, respect for others, potential for leadership and physical vigour. These are directed at fulfilling Cecil Rhodes' hopes that Rhodes Scholars would make an effective and positive contribution throughout the world.

Nominations will be invited via distribution to students and faculty within the school. Deadline for nominations is April 30.

Dr. M.J. Ellis Award

In view of Dr. M.J. Ellis' interest in research and his attempts to interest undergraduate students in this endeavour, this award is made to commemorate his term as director of the School of Physical Education. The award is presented to the graduating undergraduate student(s) who has/have demonstrated a definite interest in research as shown by involvement in several research projects.

The criteria for the award include involvement in some or all of the following:

  • research projects as part of course work
  • completion of one of more directed studies
  • research assistance to faculty

The award is presented annually to a student graduating from one of the four undergraduate degree programs in the School of Health and Human Performance. The award recognizes exceptional interest and ability in research.

Nomination deadline for this award is April 30.

VII Pan-American Wheelchair Games Award

The purpose of this award is to encourage excellence in study in the area of leisure and recreation for persons with a disability. The award is valued at $500 and is given to one student per academic year.

Eligible students are those entering their third or fourth year of study at the undergraduate level in the School of Health and Human Performance at Dalhousie University. Candidates must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada and must be specializing in the area of recreation and leisure for persons with a disability. Academic achievement will be the major criterion for selection but demonstrated professional capability in this area will also be a selection criterion.

Women's Division - Dalhousie Alumni Association Medals

These medals are awarded to graduating students in each of the four undergraduate degree areas in the School of Health and Human Performance who achieves the highest cumulative GPA in his or her respective degree.

Dr. Jerry Singleton Leadership Award


Given annually in recognition of a Dalhousie University student’s involvement and commitment to Therapeutic Recreation professional organizations.


Applicant must be:

1.     A full-time student in either the undergraduate or graduate TR degree program at Dalhousie University

2.     A current student member of their provincial and national therapeutic recreation association.

3.     Able to demonstrate active engagement in at least one of the professional organizations in which they hold membership.

4.     Following a path towards certification as a CTRS as required by the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC).

Selection Process

1.              Applicants must complete the application form; provide a copy of their current transcript, and an accompanying cover letter postmarked no later than April 30th of the calendar year.


The successful applicant will receive one full pre-conference and conference student registration and applicable accommodation (up to $ 1,000.00) to attend the annual provincial therapeutic recreation association.

Application form

"Winning the Dr. Jerry Singleton award was a great honour. Being chosen by the faculty as a leader in my program was an indicator that my hard work has been noticed by others. Also, winning this award allowed me to attend the annual TRAAC conference at no cost. There, I was able to attend presentations about current advances in the field, and I was able to network with many recreation professionals. I am about to do my internship with one of the professionals I met at the conference, and I can't wait to get started!"  Taylor Owen. 1st Dr. Jerry Singleton Leadership Award Recipient.

Vincent Chew Memorial Award

Vincent Chew graduated from Dalhousie University with a Bachelor of Commerce degree in 1997 and a Law degree in 2001. He was working as Communication and Marketing Manager with the International Council for Sport Science and Physical Education when he passed away in 2008 as a result of a road accident in Berlin, Germany. Prior to that, he was with the 15th Asian Games in Qatar, and the commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia. An avid sports and music fan, he enjoyed his varied interests while traveling extensively. Considering his passion for sport, sport management, and business, the Vincent Chew Memorial Award has been established by his parents at Dalhousie that will recognize academic excellence in the joint Recreational Management degree program (Bachelor of Management/Bachelor of Science (Recreation).

Applied Physiology, Nutrition, & Metabolism Undergraduate Research Excellence Award – Non-Monetary

Presented to a senior undergraduate student enrolled in good standing in an exercise physiology or nutritional sciences major program, involved in a research project such as honours thesis. The award has been established to recognize excellence in up-and-coming Canadian researchers, in order to encourage quality students to read contemporary science and to stay involved in the field.


SAHHPer Student Award

For the first year the Student Association of the School of Health and Human Performance (SAHHPer) presents this award to recognize graduating students from each of the four programs (Health Promotion, Kinesiology, Recreation Management, & Therapeutic Recreation).


  • 2.0 GPA
  • Outstanding contributions to the School of Health and Human Performance and their respected faculty
  • A community-focused individual
  • $500 per each faculty