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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a backup date if the event is impacted by weather?
    The back update is March 28th
  • Will lunch be provided?
    Yes, lunch will be provided.
  • I have a dietary restriction, will there be a lunch option for me? 
    We will have a variety of options available that cover most diets. However, due to the size of this event, we may not be able to accommodate special dietary restrictions. Please indicate any allergies or dietary restrictions you may have when completing the online registration form.
  • What grade average is typically expected to get into each discipline?
    You will be guaranteed your first choice with a GPA of 3.5. Students from all schools are then ranked by GPA. If you are not please with your placement, you can submit again in another round. (More info)
  • What are the disciplines available to study at Dal?
    The programs that we offer are listed also here.
  • If I am interested in the automotive industry, is mechanical engineering the primary route to this industry and what are other possible paths?
    Industrial is the manufacturing side of the automotive industry, Chemical is the fuel side, Civil could also be the structural side and Electrical is the processing and signals side.
  • Regarding mechanical engineering, in recent years, has the focus shifted more towards automation rather than more hands-on work?
    Yes, computer-controlled machining and automated assembly are strong.
  • What exactly does bio-medical engineering cover as a subject, and What field would be the best path if someone would want to pursue a career in bio-medical engineering?Biomedical is a Graduate program at Dal, but the pathway is through Chemical, Mechanical,  Electrical, & Industrial. (More info)
  • Details on Mechatronics - Is it electrical, mechanical, or something entirely different?
    It is a mix of Electrical (sensors, programming, processors) and Mechanical (Actuators, structure, motion). At Dal Mechanical is closer.
  • What is the difference in the type of work after obtaining an electrical engineering degree at a college like NSCC and the bachelor at DAL?
    NSCC does not allow you to become a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.), nor does it allow you to do Engineering Design in Canada. NSCC offers Engineering Technology.