Research Training & Support

Researchers at the Faculty of Dentistry have access to a wealth of training and support resources, through both the university and external organizations.

Faculty of Dentistry Research & Graduate Studies

The Managing Director, Research and Graduate Studies (Dr. Vickie Armstrong) the financial research administrator, working together with the Assistant Dean of Research and Graduate studies (Dr. Mark Filiaggi), can assist you with the following:

  • finding funding opportunities
  • research design
  • pre- and post-award processing of grant applications
  • liaising with the Office of Research Services and funding agencies
  • publicizing your research
  • developing research agreements and contracts

For more information, contact the research development officer at 902.494.2242, or in room 5142 in the Dentistry Building.

Communications support

The Faculty of Dentistry has poster templates for conferences available in standard sizes. Email

Office of Research Services (ORS)

ORS supports university faculty and can help you attract research funding and undertake collaborative research with and/or for industry, governmental and international partners. ORS provides services in grant applications, research ethics, industry liason and post-awards support.

Grant writing support

  • Grants lending library: The Faculty of Dentistry maintains a library for researchers looking for examples of successful grant applications submitted by faculty members to a variety of funding sources. Reviewers' comments are included when available. To access the library, contact for the list of grants available for loan.
  • Internal peer review: The Faculty of Dentistry offers an internal peer review service for faculty researchers who wish to have their grant proposals formally reviewed by colleagues in Dentistry, Medicine or elsewhere (as appropriate), prior to submission to a granting agency. If you are interested in participating in this program, please notify in advance. To allow time for the review, you must submit a good draft of your proposal at least 6 weeks before the agency deadline.
  • Guidebook for New Principal Investigators by Roderick McInnes, Brenda Andrews and Richard Rachubinski, CIHR [PDF 1.4 mB]

Mentoring program

The Faculty of Dentistry's mentoring program helps match new faculty members with potential mentors, and provides structure and training support to the mentorship process.

Mentoring benefits both mentors and mentees by promoting personal and professional growth. For more information, contact

Research design and data analysis support

MSSU - The Maritime SPOR SUPPORT Unit offers free consultations to researchers in the Maritimes engaged in patient-oriented research. The MSSU offers expertise in patient engagement, evidence synthesis, knowledge translation, research methods, privacy and ethics, and data services.