Centres & Labs

From understanding the underlying causes of oral disease to inventing new materials for treatment, the Faculty of Dentistry is home to innovative and collaborative research centres and labs.

  • Bacteriology Pathogenesis Laboratory: investigates how disease-causing oral bacteria control their cell surfaces, and researches the potential for using bacteria to deliver oral vaccines.
  • Biomaterials Engineering Lab: researches new approaches to localized drug delivery and strategies to enhance the bone growth-promoting and antimicrobial properties of metallic implants.
  • Leung Lab: developing¬†tissue-based culture platforms to understand cell organization and remodelling in response to microbial pathogens and early stages of disease.
  • Minimally Invasive Interventional Materials Group: develops therapeutic/regenerative biomaterials for clinical indications in the areas of trauma, oncology, neurovascular interventions and hard tissue augmentation.
  • Network for Canadian Oral Health Research: connects oral health researchers from across Canada; enables collaboration and promotes knowledge translation among researchers, healthcare providers and the public.
  • PriceLab: evaluates the design and use of dental curing lights and their effect on the longevity of dental fillings.
  • Tissue Mechanics Lab: seeks to understand the relationships between the architectural structure of tissues and their biomechanical behaviour in physiology, pathology and surgery.

Our researchers also conduct research in the community, improving care for vulnerable populations.