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47th Annual Table Clinics and dental hygiene professional presentations

Posted by Cheryl Bell on March 3, 2017 in Research, News
Muaad Ali, first prize winner at the 2017 Table Clinics

The annual dentistry student Table Clinics and dental hygiene student professional presentations are an opportunity for DDS3, QP, and DH2 students to delve into a topic that interests them and present it to a panel of judges. It’s a lot of work and it’s an academic requirement for graduation, so the nervous energy of the students was palpable on the night.

The Table Clinics and professional presentations took place on January 27 in the Centre for Collaborative Health Education Building (CHEB). The change of venue was prompted by the construction that is underway in the dental clinic, reducing the space available.

It was a welcome change of scenery. The main room at the CHEB where the Table Clinic displays were set up was large and spacious, making it easy for judges and other viewers to move around and see the displays. The dental hygiene presentations were also held on the same level and the students benefited from larger audiences at each event.

Adam Bishop, second prize Table Clinic winner and first prize for research


An opportunity to shine

Dr. Richard Price, the organizer for the event, says: “It is wonderful to see the transformation of our first-year students who arrive to study dentistry knowing little about it into polished third-year students who are able to talk knowledgeably about their topics. This event really gives them the opportunity to shine as experts.”

Dentistry topics ranged from athletic oral health and the effects of sports performance drugs on the growth of maxilla, mandible and associated structures to the relationship of asthma and the oral cavity in paediatric patients and the current clinical recommendations for the dental management of hypertension.

The dental hygiene presentations were also wide-ranging in their subject matter, ranging from “Community water fluoridation: Friend or foe” and “Essential oil and oral health” to “Vulnerable populations and oral care” and “Best practice for sealant preparation”.

Preparing for Table Clinics and the dental hygiene professional presentations requires a lot of dedication and hard work from supervisors as well as students, and everyone is grateful for their support. Many different sponsors also made a major contribution to the success of the event, including supplying wine and cheese and pizza and many prizes of money, product vouchers, and dental equipment. Thanks go out to them as well.

Table Clinic winners:
1st: Muaad Ali, “Resorbable plates: An alternative to conventional plating in maxillofacial surgeries”, supervised by J. Brady.
2nd: Adam Bishop, “The assessment of in-hospital monitoring requirements for obstructive sleep apnea patients following maxillo-mandibular advancement surgery”, supervised by R. Goodday.
3rd: David Patch, “To be invasive or not to be: Flapless dental implant surgery vs conventional flap surgery”, supervised by J-C Doucett.
4th: Shane Huish, “Saliva: What can it tell us and how can it be utilized?”, supervised by C. Andrews.

Adam Bishop won the first prize for research and will attend the CDA conference in Toronto in May where he will present his research poster.

From left: Dean of Dentistry Tom Boran, Alicia Bond, Ayesha Kottapalli, Jadeen Howe, Emily Porter, Prof. Kim Haslam

Dental hygiene student professional presentations:
1st: Alicia Bond, Ayesha Kottapalli, Jadeen Howe, Emily Porter
Topic: ARTiculating the use of atraumatic restorative therapy

2nd: Molly Bell, Sarah Grant, Ruth McConkey, Katie Power
Topic: Best practice for sealant preparation

3rd: Emily Devost, Rachel van Vonderen, Anniek Verhulst, Amelia Wilson
Topic: Xerostomia

4th: Taylor Gillespie, Britney Merry, Brittney Pothier, Mara Ramos Reyes
Topic: Marijuana and oral health