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Members of the Faculty of Computer Science bring home the 2015 ACM TiiS Best Paper Award

Posted by Faculty of Computer Science on December 9, 2016 in Awards, Research, Faculty, News, Awards, Research, Big Data & Machine Learning

Axel J. Soto, Vlado Keselj, and Evangelos Milios of the Faculty of Computer Science, along with Ryan Kiros of the University of Toronto, were granted the 2015 ACM TiiS Best Paper Award by the ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligence Systems. 

The ACM TiiS Best Paper Award is presented each year to an article published in the volume of the previous year. This award selection was made by the Best Paper Award Committee: Matthew Turk (chair), Catherine Pelachaud, and Feng Tian based on criteria including: technical excellence, innovation, potential for impact on the research community and perhaps beyond, and exemplification of the binocular view of interactive intelligent systems that TiiS aims to promote.

The team took home this award for their article "Exploratory Visual Analysis and Interactive Pattern Extraction From Semi-Structured Data", which was published in issue 5(3) of TiiS.

The committees decided to choose this article as the winner based on "This research presents a visual text analytics tool for semi-structured documents, integrating automatic analysis techniques with a novel interactive visual interface to allow pattern-directed exploration of semi-structured text document datasets. The paper makes contributions in both of the key contributing areas of TiiS, machine intelligence and interaction. The work is innovative, thorough, and well presented, with potential for significant real-world impact."

Please join us in congratulating Axel, Vlado, and Evangelos!