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Barrington Benches and Freak Lunchbox Building Light up the Street

Posted by Downtown Halifax News on July 21, 2016 in Students, News

“The Barrington Benches,” located across from Grand Parade on Barrington Street, have brand-new lighting features thanks to aGritty to Pretty Grant of $9,890 from DHBC. The lighting project was the result of a successful application by Fusion Halifax with lighting design and installation by T4G Labs. The Barrington Benches, themselves, were made possible through the District 7 Council discretionary funding forum and were installed in 2014. The Freak Lunchbox building at 1729 Barrington Street is also brighter at night with lighting made possible through a $2,800 DHBC Façade Lighting Grant. The program was a pilot project to illuminate the front and the side of the building and to highlight the painted mural by artist Jason Botkin. Lighting for both projects is powered by Freak Lunchbox and installed by electrician, Roy (Sly) Sylvain.

T4G developed the interactive digital display, “Heartbeat of the City,” for the Barrington Benches. Using algorithms, sensor technology, and LED lighting. When foot traffic is slow, the space evokes a sense of calm. When the sidewalk is busy, the lights react in such a way to reflect the energy of the street. This is their first step towards doing other innovative projects in the community with the aim to improve the engagement of citizens with their city.

Read the full press release from Downtown Halifax News.

Faculty of Computer Science note: Most of the work for this project was completed by Bachelor of Computer Science student, Andrew Kenny, on his most recent Co-op term with T4G.