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Dalhousie grad's blog, Trendy Techie, promoting women in the tech industry

Posted by Carol Moreira, ENTREVESTOR on July 18, 2016 in Students, News

There can’t be many technology blogs that also offer reviews of summer shoes and proclaim a girl’s right to feel sexy, but Sage Franch is known for celebrating her love of tech and her femininity.

Franch, a.k.a. the Trendy Techie, is a computer programmer at Microsoft who volunteers her time to encourage other youth. Despite having only just graduated with her degree in computer science from Dalhousie University, she was recently one of eight young Canadians invited to meet the Prime Minister.

The subjects under discussion were issues that affect Canadian youth.

“The PM really listened to our views,” she said. “I spoke to him about women in tech and the need for women to have male allies. I also spoke about closing the wage gap and computer science in schools.....

........She said that Dalhousie and Halifax have shaped her life.

“When I came here I’d never really done anything alone . . . Halifax felt like my training city . . . Halifax is a safe place for young people.


“Dal was intimate, I like that. The communication channels were open . . . .I knew my professors personally. They do a lot to foster a culture of respect and promote camaraderie.”

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