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Minacs Announces Technology Development Initiative in Nova Scotia

Posted by Minacs on December 8, 2015 in Research, News, Big Data & Machine Learning

Originally announced via Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Minacs, a global outsourcing business solutions company, today announced that it will establish its Analytics Center of Excellence for North America in Nova Scotia.

“Minacs will be very welcome in the growing data analytics ecosystem of industry and academia here in Nova Scotia.  The collaborative research and advanced training that Minacs will find here is second to none and we look forward to working together in the near future,” said Stan Matwin, Director of the Institute for Big Data Analytics.

Nova Scotia has a highly educated workforce with 10 universities and 13 community college campuses.

Minacs will be leveraging key post-secondary institutions in Nova Scotia, such as Dalhousie University’s Institute for Big Data Analytics—one of Canada’s first institutes focusing on promoting expertise in Big Data analytics through fundamental, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, advanced applications, training, and partnerships with industry.

Over the past five years, Minacs has built significant capabilities in deploying high-end analytics for enterprises across its focus industries for customer experience enhancement and marketing optimization, as well as operational excellence in service delivery. Minacs consolidated an advanced analytics solutions company Ananto, last year, and has been scouting for opportunities to further expand its analytics capabilities, including evaluating, among others, Southern California, Michigan, and Virginia, to set up an Analytics Center of Excellence (COE). 

Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI), the business development agency of the provincial government of Nova Scotia, worked with Minacs to proactively solidify the business case for bringing this Analytics COE to Nova Scotia. Minacs has signed a five-year business development incentive agreement with NSBI to create 50 jobs in Nova Scotia.

“Minacs is a leading, international company with roots in Canada that recognized the strategic advantages of exporting their services from Nova Scotia," said Laurel Broten, CEO and President of NSBI. “NSBI worked with Minacs to identify Nova Scotia as the right jurisdiction for investment and growth.”

Minacs CEO Anil Bhalla commented, “Nova Scotia has established a strong foundation of infrastructure and institutions that position it as the business destination of choice for complex analytics solutions. NSBI is the catalyst, helping us leverage all available resources. We chose Nova Scotia for several reasons, including proximity to our clients, that opens up numerous opportunities to partner with them for business growth. We are also enhancing our competitiveness using Big Data, and the high quality resource pool developed through Nova Scotia’s universities.

Our clients are looking for New Age solutions to manage their contemporary challenges in business operations and customer experience management (CXM). We see the discipline and practice of analytics as the starting point for approaching these solutions. Our investment in the Analytics COE will accelerate our efforts as a transformative value partner for the industries we serve. Our COE conducts sophisticated R&D and embeds analytics solutions for Minacs’ ALT CRM - which is both our comprehensive CXM framework and an intelligent business operations console that integrates diverse Minacs-proprietary, client, and third-party technologies.”

Dalhousie University’s Institute for Big data Analytics

Founded in 2013, the Institute for Big Data Analytics has already established a solid reputation as a centre of excellence in research and training.  Our Mission is to create knowledge and expertise in the field of Big Data Analytics by facilitating fundamental, interdisciplinary and collaborative research, advanced applications, advanced training and partnerships with industry. https://bigdata.cs.dal.ca/  

About Nova Scotia Business Inc. (NSBI)

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is the private-sector led business development agency of Nova Scotia, Canada. We attract global investment to create new jobs across the province and work with companies in all communities to be more successful exporters. Visit NSBI.ca to learn more about locating your business in Nova Scotia

About Minacs

Minacs is a leading outsourcing business solutions partner to global corporations in the manufacturing, retail, telecom, technology, media and entertainment, banking, insurance, healthcare and public sectors. 21,000 Minacs experts across 35 centers worldwide deliver customer experience, marketing, and back office solutions to power superior business results for clients.

Visit www.minacs.com to learn about Minacs’ solutions for global enterprises and their customers.

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