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Meet Salman Sajid

Posted by CoReCS - We Are Dal CS on November 13, 2015 in News, Students, Undergraduate, CORe-CS, Students

Where are you originally from? 

I was born in Pakistan, but was raised and schooled in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia so that is what I consider my hometown. I completed my secondary and high school at Al-Nujoom International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and then moved to Sunway University, Malaysia for a foundation program before coming to Dalhousie.

Why did you come to Dal Faculty of Computer Science / Why did you join your program? 

Ever since the age of 8 I have been fascinated by computers. Computers have been that one thing that not only excited, but motivated me to master myself in using it. Ever since I troubleshooted my first computer at 10, I have been eager to learn about computers and their uses at a deeper level. At the age of 13, I got interested in Artificial Intelligence, the idea that we can make a machine think and make decisions amazed me. For years I followed the idea of the Turing machine and its concept, along with other modern A.I application and hypothetical theories. And once I completed my high school I knew A.I was what I wanted to do, and that pulled me toward computer science. 

What activities have you engaged in to help promote a culture of respect and diversity in FCS?

Ever since i got to Dalhousie I have been constantly involved with the International Centre by volunteering for various events where they promote and encourage mutual respect for each culture. 

What aspirations or plans do you have? 

I dream of creating a machine intelligence that improves the lives of people who experience the world with various disabilities. Medical equipment with this kind of artificial intelligence could get help speech pathologists, or someone with a new prosthetic limb as much as it could someone with a spinal or muscular injury. It would be about making day to day experiences better for everyone. Along with this, I want to redefine the way modern cyber security systems are set up to prevent any kind of breech or hack. I want to create security systems with the use of AI. For the past year, I have gotten really interested in information security and want to incorporate it into my passion for AI with information security to create some of the best cyber security in the world.

From your time to date within FCS, what has been your best memory or proudest moment - or what surprised you the most about being a student here? 

It has been a mix of couple of things during my time here at Dalhousie and specifically at FCS. The proudest - and something that surprised me the most - was when I was offered the Schulich Renewable Scholarship. Not only was I really surprised, but the reaction I got from my parents made it one of the most memorable memories for me. They were quite happy and proud of me, and their happiness just made it an unforgettable memory for me.  

The other thing that surprised me a lot at FCS is the level of support and backing that I have received from all of my professors. They have been extremely considerate, helpful, and very supportive whenever I needed their assistance. Professors here break the stereotypical  norm of being formal and sometimes strict. On the contrary, they are more like friends who are always happy to help us. I have had professors go out of their way to ensure that I am getting the concepts and progressing properly. I would like to name Dr. Srini Sampalli specifically as he has been a great lecturer, adviser, and supporter of whatever idea I brought forward to him. Therefore, the amazing friendliness and consideration of professors is one of the things I enjoy the most at FCS.