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Meet Richard Sage, CSS President

Posted by Emily Edwards, Richard Sage on November 9, 2015 in Students, News

Tell me about yourself.
I am a 4th year Computer Science student doing a specialization in Graphics, Gaming and Media. I joined the CS Society in my 2nd year at Dal. I like playing the guitar and soccer. I also play pretty much all video games and enjoy watching movies and tv shows.

Why did you choose Computer Science?
I chose Computer Science because it was a very employable field, it also had the gaming specialization which I was really interested and an actual game development class.

What does your society do?
CSS is a society that represents the undergrads in Computer Science. We host many events to keep students busy and get everyone interacting with each other. We try to make their lives a little bit better and easier by representing their needs.

Why did you join this society?
I made friends that were already in the society and they convinced me that I should join. 

What made you want to become President of the society?
Most of the exec left the council so I decided to take it upon myself to take over presidency so the society could continue in the way it has been.

What do you like most about your degree?
I find that there are a lot of interesting topics in Computer Science, I started programming in high school and found that I really enjoyed working with computers. I also enjoyed being able to work towards the goal of being a game developer in the future.

Tell me about the events that  the society hold.
Snowball - Main Event

Snowball is a dinner gala and dance that students can go to at the end of CS week and have a good time. There are also awards at the gala for students and staff as well as a Keynote by Dr. Nur

Geek Beer

A biweekly event for students 19+ to come socialize with each other, there's music and video games. It's a nice way to get students together to have some fun on a Friday night. We're looking to allow underage people in some form.


Hackathon is a collaboration between ShiftKey Labs and CSS to get undergraduate students some experience and have some fun while doing it.

Game Jam - Oct 24-25

Game Jam is for people who have no experience learning how to do game development and allow them to learn how to use Unity with as many professional game developers as we could get.