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Meet Mimi Cahill

Posted by CoReCS- We Are Dal CS on October 23, 2015 in Students, Outreach, Women in Tech, CORe-CS, Students, News, Undergraduate

Where are you originally from? 

I've lived in Spryfield most of my life and was homeschooled.

Why did you come to Dal Faculty of Computer Science / Why did you join your program? 

I chose informatics because of its application in the real world. I chose it on a whim. I wanted a degree that would get me a job. I lucked out when I realized how much I enjoyed the classes, the other students and the faculty.  Informatics suits me well, it gives me the computer science, project management and web development skills that will make me useful and versatile. My first computer science experience was at a workshop for youth organized by an excellent computer science professor who introduced us to a variety of topics and programs. I attribute my choice of computer science to this early exposure.  

What activities have you engaged in to help promote a culture of respect and diversity in FCS? 

I’m the treasurer for the Women in Technology Society. I've made great friends and connections since I got involved. Helping to organize and plan events is a lot of fun. I think it's important to have a group actively represent women in tech and encourage others to consider it an option. I see early education in computer science as the remedy to the low number of females in the field. 

What aspirations or plans do you have? 

I’d like a job that lets me bridge the gap between computer science and management.  That's what informatics is about in my mind. I'd like to be versatile and capable in programming, communication and project management.  At this point, I'm not set on anything in particular, but I'm confident that I can learn what I need to work in a variety of settings. 

From your time to date within FCS, what has been your best memory or proudest moment - or what surprised you the most about being a student here? 

The best part of my degree so far was realizing how much I’d learned over two years when I started my first co-op. The informatics courses were extremely useful during my work term. Many of the topics covered in class became reality when I applied them at work.  It's really exciting to see how useful the courses are and know my efforts at school will be applicable when I'm finished at school.