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CS Day promises flying drones, scavenger hunts, virtual reality and more

Posted by Allison Kincade on January 29, 2015 in Events

Do you know a high school student who likes puzzles? Building things? Solving problems? Programming? Gaming? Are they wondering what program to take next year?

‘Try on’ a degree in computer science or informatics at Dalhousie University’s annual Computer Science Day. High school students and their parents, teachers and friends are invited to take part on Saturday, February 28.

If you’re a high school student in Nova Scotia—where there aren’t many hands-on computer science opportunities in the school system—it’s not always easy to figure out what, exactly, a CS degree could entail.

Students will try out different ways of interacting with computers through immersive virtual reality and whole body interaction, embark on a scavenger hunt using near field communications on smartphones, watch a flying drone in action as it tracks various objects, and learn about how network security protects us.

Hear from professors with ideas on how a degree can be creatively personalized, , current students on co-op opportunities and their entrepreneurial ventures, and an alumnus on his post-graduation experiences.

While your kids are engaged in a fun session, Michael Shepherd, dean of the Faculty of Computer Science will host a special information session for parents to answer any questions you might have. A representative from the Registrar’s Office, our alumni community, and the ICT Sandbox will also be on site.

All participants will eat lunch in one of Dalhousie’s residence dining halls and will be guided through a campus tour. There is no cost to attend this full day of programming, but space is limited. Register and find out more at dal.ca/csday