"TYP is a good place to start the rest of your life. The many valued relationships that you build with classmates and staff at TYP will help you pursue your goal of higher education at Dalhousie. TYP has shown me that through hard work and perseverance, our goals and dreams will follow not far behind."

Pamela Hurley, Class of ’99


"The TYP offers a strong foundation that will enhance the university experience of its students. The close-knit atmosphere and one-on-one assistance from qualified staff made my year both enjoyable and rewarding. TYP helped me come closer in accomplishing my long-term goals. I recommend this program to all those dedicated to reaching their goals."

Pearlene Wright, Class of ’00


"The Transition Year Program has been a life-changing experience for me. It has given me the confidence to dream of doing more with my life than I would have been able to do without a university education. It is an awesome, supportive program, and I highly recommend it.

Paul John, Class of ‘04