Technical Education

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Certificates and courses for today’s technical professionals

Our cutting-edge programs are designed to advance your career—and fit into your busy life. Recognized as a leader in professional development serving Canada’s technical fields for more than 35 years, Dalhousie University will help you meet your career requirements with expert instruction in a condensed timeframe. Formats include online courses, workshops and classroom seminars. Courses can be taken individually or as part of a certificate.

Construction, Maintenance & Codes


Master the latest techniques, systems, requirements and codes in the fast-moving construction and maintenance industries, and learn skills you can put to immediate use.

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Process & Control


Learn the basic theories and practical applications of a range of engineering, process and instrumentation disciplines. Foundational and advanced-level programs are available.

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Electrical Systems & Technical Communication


Advance your knowledge of electronics, electrical engineering, industrial data communication and more through our intensive, accessible programming.

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Customized Training


Get exactly the technical training you want, where you want it. We’ll work with you to design the perfect professional development programming for your team.

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