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Summer Institutes

Summer Institutes at the College of Continuing Education are ideal for those who want to build core skills for academic admission/study, professional enrichment for faculty or for those who want an educational, cultural experience.
Discover Dalhousie University during the summer months! Our historic, tree-lined campus combines the welcoming atmosphere of Canada’s east coast with the international prestige of a big-name school.

Our Summer Institute offerings include:

  • The Summer Study in Canada Program provides an exciting and educational experience for international students. Our program integrates academic components, including English language training, with social and cultural excursions.
  • University Preparation Programs are offered to give students a solid foundation in a subject before going to university or help get them the prerequisites needed for the program they want.
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) programs are available to develop reading, listening, writing, speaking skills and academic study skills for effective study at university.
  • Transition to University Programs for students admitted to Dalhousie University or considering post-secondary study. We focus on study skills, writing skills, time management, communication skills, working in teams and online learning. 
  • ESL Professional Enrichment Programs provide an opportunity for English Language teachers to engage in a Canadian university-based ESL/EAP school in which the focus is on students’ preparation for academic study.
  • Refining Your Learning Skills program for students who have experienced academic success in the past; however, the study skills applied may not have been sufficient for the intense demands placed on students in university. 
  • Customized educational summer experiences for students or faculty members.

Dalhousie University is committed to providing fair access and improved preparation for all individuals interested in post-secondary education.
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