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Stresses and Strains (Module I)

This is the first module in the Mechanics of Materials Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Topics Covered

  • Understanding stress and strain
  • Analysis of stresses produced due to different types of loading and their combined effect
  • Beam as a structural member; normal and shear stresses produced in beams due to transverse loading; use of bending moment and shear force diagrams
  • Shear stresses in different types of beams and shear stresses in thin walled members

Course Outline

Session 1 - Introduction

What is mechanics of materials?
Its place in engineering
Similar names for this topic
Principles used in mechanics of materials
Why study mechanics of materials and the types of problems which can be solved
Outline of the course

Session 2 - Concept of Stress

Axial loading, normal and shear stress
Bearing stress
Method of solution
Stresses on an oblique plane
Stress under general loading conditions
Components of stress
Stress at a point
Design considerations

Session 3 - Axial Loading

Normal strain
Stress-strain diagram
True stress and strain
Hooke’s law and modulus of Elasticity
Deformations of members
Statically indeterminate cases
Effect of temperature changes
Poisson’s ratio
Hooke’s law in three dimensions

Session 4 - Torsion

Stresses and deformation in torsion
Angle of twist
Statically indeterminate shafts
Design of transmission shafts
Stress concentrations

Session 5 - Pure Bending 1

Symmetric member in pure bending
Stresses and deformations in pure bending
Bending of members made of different materials

Session 6 - Pure Bending 2

Shear force and bending moment diagrams    
Relation between load, shear force and bending moment
Design of prismatic beams for bending