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Summer Programs

Learn English and experience Canada and a Canadian university! Click on one of the course titles below to learn more.

ESL Communication + English in Use

Use the language skills you have learned in your morning English language class, in real-life situations in the community. This course focuses on understanding Canadian culture.

ESL Communication + Web Development

Learn key web concepts and skills for creating and maintaining websites. Additional topics include hypertext markup languages, style sheets, client-side programming, multimedia foundations and dynamic content management.

ESL Communication + Marine Biology

Explore marine life and habitats found along the shores of Nova Scotia. Field trips will take you to sandy beaches, rocky shores, tidal mudflats. Includes an offshore boat trip to see whales and seals.

ESL Communication + Understanding Children and War

Explore the dynamics of conflict affecting children around the world today. Class topics include child exploitation, child soldiers, youth gangs, and the international community's role in meeting the needs of children in war.

ESL Communication + Intro to Financial Math

Develop a mathematical 'toolbox' for making informed financial decisions. major topics are interest rates, loans, credit cards, mortgages, retirement savings plans, annuities and bonds.

ESL Communication + Chronic Conditions Management

Examine chronic diseases that impact the growing cost of health care. Learn inter-professional approaches to practice and care, emerging models of chronic care and intervention strategies.