English Language Courses and Programs

Dalhousie offers many different courses for students and professionals at all levels of their English language learning.


English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Are you planning to study at Dalhousie or another university, but do not have a high enough English level? Would you like to develop your academic skills? Click here for English For Academic Purposes program.

Advanced English Courses (Non-credit)

Are you studying, working or living in Halifax? Are you looking for opportunities to improve your English, but do not have time for a full course? Click here for Advanced English Courses.

ENSL Credit Courses

Do you want to improve your English communication and academic skills? What about working on your writing and research skills?
Click here for ENSL Credit Courses.

Summer Programs

Are you looking for a short summer program in Halifax that combines ESL classes with either cultural activities and academic modules? Click here for Summer Programs.

Free Dalhousie Student Workshops

Are you currently an undergraduate or graduate student at Dalhousie? Are you looking for a something to improve your English skillsClick here for Free Dalhousie Student Workshops.

Custom Language Program and Courses

Are you leading a group of students on an ESL study tour? Are you a company looking for specialized training for your employees? Are you a Dalhousie university department looking for a made-to-measure ESL program? Click here for Custom Language Program and Courses.