Adobe Illustrator CS6 Level II

In this course, students will learn advanced techniques for streamlining workflow when creating vector graphics. Students will learn how to create reusable art and pixel-perfect web graphics, slicing, and HTML effects, as well as how to save to scalable formats. They’ll use transparency, masks and blends to apply opacity values, trace a raster image into a vector graphic, wrap text to a path, and apply effects to manipulate shapes. Finally, they’ll learn how to manage color settings, color separations, and print specifications.

Course Outline

Customizing the Workspace
Using workspaces
Using multiple artboards

Using Symbols
Understanding pixel-aligned paths
Working with Symbols
Symbolism tools and sets

Creating Web Graphics
Pixel perfect
Utilizing slices and image maps
Utilizing SVG
Creating animations

Using Color Tools
Color Groups
The Kuler panel
Pantone Plus libraries
Color adjustments

Painting Tools
Creating and using brushes
Creating and using patterns
Transparency and blending modes
Creating and using meshes

Working with Images
Using Image Trace
Perspective drawing

Type Styles & Effects
Creating type on a path
Scaling and rotating type
Working with fonts

Creating Special Effects
Working with effects
Exploring Stylize effects
Creating and applying graphic styles

Setting up documents for printing
Preparing artwork for printing
Printing transparent artwork
Overprinting, trapping, and presets

Appendix A: ACE Exam Objectives Map
Comprehensive exam objectives