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Health, Safety, and Profitability of Process Plants (Module IV)

May 16, 2019 to July 11, 2019
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This is the fourth module in the Chemical Engineering for Non-Chemical Engineers Certificate Program. It is 100% Online.

Course Outline

Session 16 - Safety Requirements of Plants

Why is "pressure" so important?
Plant Over-Pressure Protection Strategies
Pressure Vessels vs. Tanks
Regulatory Issues Involved in PSV's
Different Types of PSD's: PSV's, Rupture Discs
Explosion vs. Collusion
Over-Pressure Scenarios, Including Fire
Six Steps to Providing a Protective Layer

Session 17 - Health Requirements

Health Issues in Process Industries
Dealing with Health Issues
Confined Spaces
Noise Abatement

Session 18 - Environment Concerns

Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Solid Waste

Session 19 - Risk Management

The Need for Risk Management
Different Steps to Risk Management
Risk Management Methodologies in Process Industries
HAZOP Structure
Pre- and Post-HAZOP Activities

Session 20 - Profitability

Investment and Profitability
Cost Estimation: Capital Cost and Operating Cost
Different Alternatives and Decision Making
Value Engineering

Session 21 - Material of Construction and Corrosion

Requirements for Materials of Construction
Different Types of Material Loss: Corrosion and Erosion
Dealing with Material Loss
Metals, Polymers, Ceramics, Glasses
Brief Summary of Material