Introduction to Business Administration

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This course is designed to provide a framework for analysis of the problems encountered by the general manager. You will be introduced to the concepts and techniques used by managers in both day-to-day operations and long-range planning.

The study of business administration necessarily involves an examination of the factors, both internal and external to the firm that affects its operation. An understanding of the external environment of the firm allows management to identify any trends, which will have an impact on the firm’s markets or products. Although managers lack control over the external changes, they can adapt their firms to ensure continued success in a changing environment.

Internal management of the firm is obviously more easily controlled by the manager. Small businessmen may personally assume responsibility for each of the functional areas of management. Larger firms may employ a human resource manager, an accountant, a financial manager, a marketing manager, an operations manager, and so on. An understanding of the role of each of these managers is essential to the success of a firm.

A competent entrepreneur may fail simply because he or she lacks skills in only one of the functional areas. Consider an individual with sufficient knowledge of production and accounting, but lacking skills as a marketer—he or she will have a good product, but a limited market. Managers of individual internal functions must understand their role in the overall operation of the firm or their goals may supersede the goals of the firm. Consider a production manager who does not co-ordinate operations with the financial manager—additional funds for equipment to meet demand and production requirements may not be available if they do not plan together.

Canadians are fortunate to live in a thriving and viable economic system where, for the most part, we enjoy a high standard of living. However, this is not the case everywhere in the world. For some, life is an everyday struggle to obtain just the basic needs for survival. This course attempts to present the Canadian economy and some of the basic functions necessary to its operation.

Course outline

Topics covered are:

  • The Canadian Business System
  • Understanding the Environments of Business
  • Small Business
  • Management, Planning, Controlling & Organizing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Labour Management Relations
  • Leadership
  • Accounting Issues
  • Marketing
  • Producing Goods and Services