As a performance management consultant, I had always loved the notion of 'strengths based change' that Appreciative Inquiry has the potential to facilitate throughout organizations.  Jeanie's two day workshop provided me with the insight, the practice and the tools to actually use the 5D model to go out into the world make positive impact. What a gift! Jeanie's breadth and depth of experience gave me the confidence to step out into my community and use AI to design business plans, craft strategy and plan customer service solutions. It is a process which I try to use daily as it has the potential to nurture and engage richer and deeper conversations on both a personal and professional level.

Karn Nichols, (2012)
People Solutions
Performance Management Consultant

The Certificate in Adult Education program was life changing for me.   Over a 10 month period we were introduced to all areas of Adult Education from the specifics of assessment and evaluation to the broader picture of Adult Education in larger community settings. The instructors were knowledgeable, interesting and dynamic, exposing us to a number of different teaching styles. The ongoing participation, although challenging by times, kept us thinking and continuously applying what we were learning. Not only did I gain a vast and solid knowledge base I also had the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from an entire group of teachers/facilitators from many different work backgrounds. Susanna and her staff were wonderful in their encouragement and direction. I would highly recommend this certificate to anyone who is even thinking about teaching/facilitating or working in Adult Education in any capacity."

Laurie Hopkins, BScN, RN, (2012)

The Train the Trainer workshop was time well invested.  I have learned a lot about adult learning, but most importantly, I have a new set of tools to improve my future experiences as a trainer. The program was well designed and included many practical exercises, and the facilitators were top-notch.  I would recommend this workshop to anyone who provides training to adults."

Dominique Gallant (2012)
Department of Justice