Careless, Erin

Erin Careless, BA Hon., B.Ed., M.A.Ed., Ph.D. Cand., is a Program Director at the Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education and sees learning as both lifelong and lifewide. After some time teaching lower elementary grades, Erin shifted her focus to working with adults. In her M.A.Ed. at Mount Saint Vincent University, Erin researched the experience of women academics who were both tenure-track academics and mothers of young children. In 2011, Erin was part of the first Ph.D. cohort in the Inter-University Doctoral Studies program in Nova Scotia, and is currently waiting to defend her dissertation. This latest research focuses on the ways in which stepmothers learn their way into this role as defined by the construct of motherwork.

Since 2012, Erin has taught part-time in the M.A. in Lifelong Learning graduate program at Mount Saint Vincent University. There she has taught courses on fostering lifelong learning, community development, feminist perspectives of lifelong learning, and adult learning theory. Erin also held a contract faculty position in the Masters of Adult Education program at St. Francis Xavier University for over two years. In this role she supervised dozens of graduate students, and taught courses on methodological approaches to research and critical theory.

Erin is passionate about educating others on the stepfamily experience. She is a Certified Stepfamily Coach, and the founder of her own business, Steplife – Stepmom Coaching and Support. Erin plans to pursue her work in adult education, in both formal and informal contexts.

Currie-Samson, Sandra

Sandra Currie-Samson, BHEc, CAEd, MEd., Sandra is a student of lifelong learning. Her passion for learning is infectious, allowing her to be an energetic and enthusiastic speaker educator, trainer, and facilitator. She possesses in-depth knowledge of adult education and leverages this knowledge to provide her clients with the skill and knowledge needed to create their own powerful and meaningful programs, courses, and workshops.

As a learning and development consultant she has designed and facilitated training sessions for thousands of participants. As well, she has led training on multi-million-dollar technology implementations working with many large professional firms. She also works with entrepreneurs and business leaders helping them share their expertise with others by helping them get clear on their purpose, develop great content and learn how to brilliantly engage their audience.

Sandra has a Master of Education in the Studies in Lifelong Learning from Mount Saint Vincent University. She developed her practical skills at the College of Continuing Education, Dalhousie University, where she completed her Certificate in Adult Education and is an active member of The Institute for Performance and Learning.

Doyle-Bedwell, Patricia

Patricia Doyle-Bedwell is a Mi’kmaq woman. She holds a BA (Honours), JD, LL.M, all earned from Dalhousie University. Her thesis focused on compensation for residential school survivors and Mi’kmaq education policies. Patricia is a Professor at Dalhousie University and Trent University and is the past director of the Dal Transition Year Program, as well as the Indigenous Black and Mi’kmaq Initiative at Dalhousie School of Law.

Patricia has written many articles on Aboriginal education, Aboriginal women’s rights as well as Human rights. She has lectured widely on human rights and education across Canada, the US and Europe. She had the honour of serving as the Chair of the NS Advisory Council on the Status of Women for 11 years. Patricia also participated during the UN Geneva conference on Women’s rights.

Currently, Patricia teaches Indigenous Studies in the Transition Year Program at Dalhousie. She also works closely with Dalhousie Senior Leadership on the implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation calls to Action in a post-secondary educational context. She worked closely with Dalhousie Medical School to develop a diversity policy. Patricia hopes to see Dalhousie and other universities implement more Indigenous content in the curriculum.

Fraser, Joanne

Joanne Fraser CAEd, BSc, MSc., has management background in the public, private and international non-government sectors and brings a wealth of experience to her training and facilitation work. She worked as an independent consultant from 2000-2015. Currently Ms. Fraser Is the Manager of Learning and Development, Human Resources at Dalhousie University.

Joanne has designed and delivered hundreds of workshops in leadership and team skills, interpersonal communication, coaching basics, conflict resolution, time and project management. She now creates and manages professional development programs for both academic and administrative staff at Dalhousie. For many years Joanne also facilitated intercultural effectiveness training for the Centre for Intercultural Learning. Joanne has a keen interest in helping individuals and groups learn from and adapt to the changes taking place in today's workplaces. Ms. Fraser has a Certificate in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University. She holds a BSc degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a MSc degree in Comparative Development and International Policy from the University of Bristol, England.

Landry, Sheri

Sheri Landry is Regional Brand Manager for the Atlantic Region with Rogers Communications Inc. With over 20 years as a marketing professional, Sheri’s primary focus is the facilitation of marketing programs, brand management and corporate sponsorships. Most recently, Sheri has combined her experience in the corporate community with her passion for teaching to join Mount Saint Vincent University as part-time faculty in the Business & Tourism Department teaching numerous courses in the undergraduate program as well as assisting with course design and preparation.

Sheri has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Education (Adult Education) from Mount Saint Vincent University, a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie University and is currently completing the Master of Business Administration Degree from Athabasca University.

Paradis, Rick

Rick Paradis, EMBA, is an Organizational and Human Resource specialist with over 20 years’ experience with a wide range of public and private organizations throughout Atlantic Canada. For a number of years, Rick held Organizational Health and Human Resource positions with organizations such as Maritime Life Assurance Company and the IWK Grace Health Centre.  He has taught at Henson College’s Advanced Management Centre and Dalhousie University’s Human Resource Development Unit in addition to his work in the Adult Ed certificate program. Currently, Rick is employed as the Organizational Effectiveness Consultant with the NS Public Service Commission.

Rick’s roots are in youth development and cross-cultural educational programs.  His past experience involves a variety of volunteer and paid positions within several organizations, including the roles of:  National Trainer of Orientations with Canadian Crossroads International, an  organization engaged in developing cross-cultural awareness through overseas placements in developing countries; Executive Director of the Youth Leadership Council for Atlantic Canada, which was concerned with the development of youth through community service and outdoor adventure activities and group leader and national field-staff trainer with Katimavik, a national youth development and service program.

He is a graduate of the Executive MBA Program, St. Mary’s University and is also certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Steele, David

David Steele, BA, CAEd, MBA, currently serves as the Manager of Program Development and Outreach for The Municipal Group of Companies in Bedford, Nova Scotia, the largest Heavy Civil Construction company in Atlantic Canada. With a background in leadership and sales training, facilitation, program design, and program development, David has been involved in adult education and employee training for nearly 20 years. His facilitation experience includes classes taught at the post-secondary level as well as in a corporate environment.

David holds a BA in English from the University of Northern British Columbia, and an MBA from the University of Melbourne, Australia, via an online graduate program. He volunteers with the local chapter of the Institute for Performance and Learning, having served on the Board as Director of Professional Development since 2009. David also holds Certification as an Adult Educator through Dalhousie University College of Continuing Education.

Three interesting facts about David: he has an interest in language, and has studied English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and German (with varying degrees of competence!); he fulfilled his lifelong dream of finally completing his black belt in Judo after nearly 30 years in the sport; and he is binaurally hearing impaired, having lost a good portion of his hearing nearly 20 years ago to Meniere’s Disease, an affliction of the inner ear.

Taylor, Crystal

Crystal Taylor, BA, MA, is the President of CT-Ebony Consulting and has designed and delivered a wide range of customized programs to public, private and community agencies. She teaches diversity and program design in the Dalhousie University Certificate in Adult Education program. In addition, Crystal offers workshops on Black women’s studies. Over the past twenty years, Crystal has held a number of positions in both provincial and federal government departments where she has been responsible for developing initiatives and leading workshops and in the areas of employment equity and diversity management. Crystal is very committed to educating people and she believes it is fundamental that we understand each other and appreciate our similarities as well as our differences. Crystal holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Mount Saint Vincent University and a Master of Arts degree (Adult Education specialty) from Dalhousie University. Her thesis research is titled Nova Scotia Black Women’s Perspectives on Feminism.