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Start your back to school plan

Posted by Udeni Amit on September 15, 2020 in News

COVID-19 has changed everything, even going back to school.  Every September, there’s a frenzy of back-to-school shopping to prepare for everything from the first day of school to parents driving kids to various parts of the country to start university.  There is always a lot of calming of anxieties and nervous energy, but also a great sense of excitement in the air.  This year is completely different.  Uncertainty cloaks everything; but as we’ve become used to how things have changed over the past six months, the back to school routine will soon become normal, too.

Eventually, you will have time to start considering your own development plans. What would you like to learn this year?  Did your professional development plans get derailed in the spring?  Keep in mind that COVID-19 has changed the way we work, too, so there is a lot to consider. 

Perhaps the biggest change is how we communicate now.  Zoom is our best friend or worst enemy, depending on your point of view.  Most of us have spent some time working virtually and for some this will be permanent.  Either way, you need to develop a level of comfort with your online presence.  This includes everything from how you present yourself to how you do presentations online.  How do you influence people, interact with those of different cultures, age groups, communicate your intent clearly in writing, reach consensus to make sensible decisions -- all while working remotely?

These are hard questions.  We have a new Certificate in Agile Communications that addresses these issues.  Have a look and start your back to school plan.