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Electrical Equipment (Module II)
Insurance Bootcamp ‑ Insurance Essentials for Non‑Insurance Professionals
Intranetworking & Internetworking (Module III)
Local Area Networking (Module II)
2018 Canadian Electrical Code
3 PM and PdM (Preventive and Predictive Maintenance) ‑ 100% Online
Academic Math (Math 0009.00)
Accident Investigation (Advanced Level)
Adaptive Decision Making in a Complex World
Addressing Complex Employee Behaviours in the Workplace
Adobe Acrobat X Pro ‑ Introduction
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level I
Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Level II
Adobe Illustrator CS6 Level I
Adobe InDesign CS6 Level I
Adobe InDesign CS6 Level II
Adobe InDesign CS6 Level III
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level I
Adobe Photoshop CS6 Level II
Advanced Certificate in Police Leadership
Advanced Facilitation Techniques for Requirements Gathering for Business Analysts and Project Managers
Advanced Leadership Development
Advanced Project Schedule Management
Advanced Protection and Control Part I (Module II)
Advanced Protection and Control Part II (Module III)
Advanced Requirements Modeling and Analysis
Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Inspection
Analytical Thinking for the Business Analyst ‑ 100% Online
Applied Project Management
Assessing Client Employability Needs
Auditing Environmental and OH&S Management Systems
Auditing of Health & Safety Programs
Balanced Scorecard: Quality Systems and Process Improvement
Basic Protection & Control (Module I)
Basics of Industrial Data Communications (Module I)
Become a Master Decision Maker
Become a Master Presenter
Best Operation Practices for a Hydro Electrical Power Plant
Bid Processing & Effective Contract Management
Blocks, Attributes & Xrefs, Templates and Plotting, and Introduction to Architectural Drawings (Module III)
Bridge Asset Management
Bridge Inspection
Budgeting and Financial Management for Police Services
Business Analysis: Planning and Communication
Business Law
Business Requirements: Elicitation, Documentation, and Analysis
Canadian Construction Management Practices
CAPM Exam Preparation Course®
Certificate in Adult Education
Certificate in Police Leadership: Local Government
Certified Agile Project Management
Certified Business Analysis Preparation (CBAP)
Chemical Engineering and Process Plants (Module I)
Child Soldiers and at Risk Youth
Citizen Engagement and Consultation I
Commissioning and Start‑up Activities of Coal Power Plants
Communication and Professional Practice
Communication Skills for Police Personnel
Community Economic Development I
Community Economic Development II
Competitive Tendering: Practical and Legal Do's and Don'ts
Comprehensive Project Management
Concrete Repair and Protection: Getting it Right the Second Time
Construction Contracting Management
Construction Industry & Practice / Professional Construction Management in Practice (Module I)
Design (Module II)
Design of Circulating Fluidized Bed Boilers
Designing an Environmental Management System based on ISO 14001:2015 and 19011:2011
Designing and Implementing an OH&S Program and Establishing a Safety Culture
Disaster Management and the Fire Department
Economics of Business
Effective Construction Contracting Management
Effective Grounding and Bonding: Correct Applications for Safe Electrical Installations
Electrical Engineering for Non‑Electrical Engineers
Electrical Generators & Excitation Systems
Electrical Inspection
Emergency Medical Service Management and the Fire Department
Energy Conservation and Saving Engineering (Module III)
Energy Delivering Systems (Module II)
Engineering and Testing (Module III)
English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
Enterprise and Strategic Analysis
Enterprise Risk Management Essentials
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Inspections and Investigations
Environmental Regulations for Managers
Environmental Site Assessment
Ergonomic Program Design and Integration (100% Online)
Ergonomics in the Workplace (100% Online)
Essential Skills in the Project Environment
Ethics for Police Leaders
Exposure Assessment for Managers
Exterior Inspection
Facilitating Individual and Group Learning
Facilitation Effectiveness
Facilitation Skills for Technical Professionals
Financial Management
Fire Department Human Resource Management I
Fire Department Human Resource Management II
Fire Prevention Management
Fire Service Law
Fire Service Strategic Planning I
Fire Service Strategic Planning II
Fire Suppression Management
Freedom of Information and Privacy Foundations
Gas Turbines and Co‑generation Plants
General Fundamentals of Energy Savings (Module I)
Getting Started with AutoCAD 2017, AutoCAD Fundamentals and Basic Object Construction and Dynamic Input (Module I)
Grammar Tune‑up ‑ 100% Online
Grid Power Systems ‑ Telemetry and Evolution (Module IV)
Health, Safety, and Profitability of Process Plants (Module IV)
Heating Inspection I
Heating Inspection II
Human Resource Management
Human Resources Management
HVAC Basics (Module I)
HVAC System: Design, Balancing & Selection
Implementing HVAC (Module III)
Indoor Air Quality
Industrial Ergonomics and Workplace Design (100% Online)
Instructional Methods
Insulation and Interior Inspection
Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal Communications
Introduction to Business Administration
Introduction to Business Analysis
Introduction to ISO 9001:2015 Standards
Introduction to Maintenance Management ‑ 100% Online
Introduction to SIS (Module I)
Introductory Accounting
Introductory Finance
ISO 9001:2015 Process Based Auditing
Leadership Development
Leading Meetings with Purpose and Confidence
Lean for the Office
Legal Issues in Policing
Local Government
Local Government Accounting
Local Government Finance
Maintenance Planning and Scheduling ‑ 100% Online
Managerial Accounting
Managerial Skills
Managing Police Performance: Coaching Skills for Police Supervisors
Marine Renewable Energy: Tidal Power
Marketing Management
Masonry Restoration Projects: Case Studies
Material, Machines, Fuel and Power (Module II)
Mediation: Breaking the Impasse
Methods in Project Management (Module II)
Microsoft Access 2016 (365) Level I
Microsoft Access 2016 (365) Level II
Microsoft Access 2016 (365) Level III
Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Data Analysis with Power PivotTables
Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Level I
Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Level II
Microsoft Excel 2016 (365) Level III
Microsoft Outlook 2016 (365) Level I
Microsoft Outlook 2016 (365) Level II
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (365) Level I
Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 (365) Level II
Microsoft Word 2016 (365) Level I
Microsoft Word 2016 (365) Level II
Microsoft Word 2016 (365) Level III
Modern Concrete Materials and Practices
Module I: Electrical Circuit Fundamentals and Electronic Circuits
Module I: Process Industries
Module II: Alternating Current Circuits
Module II: Process Control
Module III: Safety Devices
Module III: Semiconductor Devices and Circuits
Municipal Finance
Municipal Government and Service Delivery
Municipal Law I
Municipal Law II
National Advanced Certificate in Local Government Authority for Alberta Students
National Building Code of Canada
Needs Assessment
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
Negotiation Skills for Engineers
NFPA Dust Compliance Inspection
Occupational Health and Safety Law and Regulations
Occupational Hygiene for Managers
Office Ergonomics and Workplace Design (100% Online)
Operations and Maintenance (Module IV)
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour
Organizational Behaviour and Leadership
Organizational Design and Management
Orthographic & Multi‑View Drawings, Basic Dimensions & Notes, and Section Views (Module II)
Personal Leadership: Leading the Self Before Leading Others
Persuasive Writing ‑ 100% Online
PIC Module I ‑ Sensors & Symbology
PIC Module II ‑ Control Functions
PIC Module III ‑ Installation & Engineering Functions
Plumbing Inspection
Police Leadership and Management Development
Policing and the Law of Human Rights
Policing the Modern Community
Policy Planning and Program Evaluation
Pre‑Calculus Plus (Math 0011.00)
Pre‑Calculus ‑ Accelerated (Math 0010.00)
Process Engineers’ Assets: Concepts, Skills, Deliverables, Codes & Standards (Module II)
Process Mapping for Continual Improvement
Process Mapping for Continual Improvement
Professional Ethics for Career Development Practitioners
Program Design
Program Evaluation
Program Evaluation and Statistics
Project Closing and Integration and the Importance of Lessons Learned (Module III)
Project Governance and Sponsorship
Project Leadership and Organizational Change
Project Management Documents ‑ 100% Online
Project Management Essentials
Project Management Essentials for Construction
Project Management Essentials for Contractors
Project Management Executive Awareness
Project Management Fast Track 1
Project Management Fast Track 2
Project Management for Festivals, Events and Hospitality
Project Management Fundamentals
Project Schedule Control
Project Scheduling and Controls
Project Scheduling Essentials
Property Taxation and Assessment
Protection and Control: Generator Protection (100% Online)
Public Administration Professionalism
Pumps, Valves, Actuators, Compressors, Motors, and Variable Frequency Drives
Quality Management System Boot Camp
Restoration, Preservation and Rehabilitation of Heritage and Older Masonry Structures
Risk & Loss Control Management
Risk and Loss Control Management
Risk Assessment and Treatment
Risk Financing
Risk Management Principles and Practices
Roofing Inspection
Six Sigma Workout
Source Water Protection and Treatment Fundamentals
Station Officer: Dealing with New Operations
Station Officer: Dealing with People
Strategic HR Management for Police Organizations
Strategic Management
Strategic Management through Evidence‑Based Policing
Structural Design for Non‑Structural Engineers
Structure Inspection
Sustainable Communities
Teamwork in the Project Environment
Technical Writing Essentials ‑ 100% Online
Testing for the Business Analyst ‑ 100% Online
The Agile Business Analyst
The Art and Practice of Leadership Development Workshop
The Canadian Standards and Guidelines for Career Development
The Environment of the Fire Station
The Experience of Unemployment
The Project Manager's Toolkit: Project Execution, Control and Closing
The Project Manager's Toolkit: Project Initiation and Planning
Theoretical Foundations of Incident Command: Acting
Theoretical Foundations of Incident Command: Thinking
Theories of Career Development
Tools for Continuous Improvement
Train the Trainer
Turbocharged Marine Diesel Engines
Ultra Supercritical Steam Power Plants
Understanding and Responding to Global and Domestic Terrorism: A Social Science Perspective
Understanding Diversity in Adult Education
Understanding HVAC (Module II)
Unit Operations, Process Units, and Plant Design (Module III)
University Prep Biology (Biology 0010.00)
University Prep Chemistry (Chemistry 0010.00)
University Prep Physics (Physics 0010.00)
Wood Construction and NBC Part 9 for Housing and Small Buildings
Wood Dust Explosion Prevention
Wood Dust Explosion Prevention/NFPA Dust Compliance & Documentation
Writing Clear Technical Reports ‑ 100% Online
Writing Emails that Get Results ‑ 100% Online
Writing Skills for Academic Study
Writing Skills for Academic Study ‑ Online