MUSIC: 5 things to know


What is Music Studies?

Our Music Studies program is multifaceted. You’ll learn to perform, compose, hear, analyze and interpret music as a meaningful human activity. This can involve music from every style, genre, place, and period. You’ll learn to see musical works as artifacts of the past and the present.

Why study music at Dalhousie?

Our music faculty are experts in the creation, performance and analysis of modern music from Europe and North America in both classical and popular traditions. Our partnerships with diverse professional organizations provide you with endless opportunities for apprenticeships and masterclasses. You’ll have plenty performance opportunities in our impressive array of music concerts and stage productions.

Join our Ensembles!
Both music majors and non-majors can receive credit for participating in our ensembles in: (all have links)
•Symphony Orchestra

What degrees and courses are offered?

You’ll take classes in the vibrant multidisciplinary environment of the Fountain School of Performing Arts. We offer our Bachelor of Arts (BA) in music as well as a Bachelors in Music ( BMus) as well as minor degrees in music and musicology.

Your classes will range from one-on-one lessons to hands on training and academic classes in:
•conducting orchestra and choral
•film music
•classical music
•opera music theory
•jazz and rock'n'roll

Possible degree concentrations include:
•popular music
•vocal performance

What kind of jobs can I get?

Many of our graduates are active performing artists with careers at the regional, national, and international levels. Your career path could also lead to teaching, arts administration and leadership. You’ll graduate with significant transferable skills and qualities developed during your time at the Fountain school including confidence, discipline, creativity, sensitivity, critical thinking, problem solving and strong time-management abilities. All qualities easily transferable to careers in medicine, law, and business.

Where to start list?

•PERF – 1000 Writing about performance
•PERF – 1001 Writing about music

Entrance to the BMus and BA music is by auditions. Info available at

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