CINEMA and MEDIA STUDIES: 5 things to know


What is Cinema and Media Studies (CMS)?

Our students think critically about moving images in their historical, theoretical and cultural contexts. We examine the films in the movie theatres or streaming on our devices. We analyze television, video games and other kinds of moving images.  CMS has been an academic discipline for over 50 years but it is also responsive to changes in image technology, modes of production and consumption.

 Why study CMS at Dal?

You’ll acquire discipline specific knowledge in film history, theory and aesthetics and versatile analytical and communication skills.  You can also acquire applied skills through hands-on learning. Our students pursue a major, double major or a combined honours in a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. Or you can add a Film minor to a huge range of Dalhousie’s other programs. At the Fountain School our class sizes are comparatively small, so you’ll get to know your classmates and professors.

What courses do we offer?

Core courses and electives cover:
•film histor
•audiovisual analysis
•national cinemas
•individual directors
•film genres
•various kinds of film and media theory.

You can also take one or two hands-on learning courses in film production or with a Film Festival or cinema.

What kind of jobs can I get with a degree in CMS?

Some graduates work in fields directly related to CMS such as filmmaking, festival organization and film journalism. The critical thinking skills acquired in the program can also prepare you for careers in law, social work ,education and various Health Sciences.

Where to start?

Film 2301 and 2301 – Film History core courses or go find an elective that grabs your interest. (link needed to fspa cms page)

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