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BREAKING FREE .... Whether in the hardscrabble world of downtrodden America, the unequal society of 18th-century London, or the fantastical dreamscapes of Shakespeare and Mozart, this seson's characters are tied down by laws, by poverty, or by their own hearts. How will they break free from the shackles that bind them?

All evening performances at 7:30 pm, Saturday matinees at 2:00 pm. Tickets available at the Dalhousie Arts Centre Box Office. Tel. 902.494.3820 or 1.800.874.1669.  $15 / $10 for individual tickets or purchase a 5-event package and save! See details in our Season brochure or contact the FSPA office.
October 11-15


By Lanford Wilson, Directed by Rob McClure
David Mack. Murray Theatre

"You fall down, you bruise, you run into things, you're old."
When a Midwest small town loses its industrial core, the American Dream turns into a nightmare. The once thriving Main Street is now lined with abandoned businesses and dilapidated buildings, and the only dream left to the remaining townspeople is that one day they will manage to escape, either physically by moving away, or emotionally by finding love. In Lanford Wilson's modern classic, the characters gradually discover the unpleasant secrets that inevitably accompany a nation's unfettered pursuit of happiness.

November 29 - December 3


By William Shakespeare, Directed by Philip Akin
Sir James Dunn Theatre

"And to that place the sharp Athenian law cannot pursue us!"
In Athens, love is restricted by unfeeling men and by the harsh edicts of the law. But beyond the walls, the wild woods beckon to the lovers who seek to break feee. Freedom has its own dangers, though, for in the forest are spirits of another sort. In the unchained, shifting world of the Fairy King and Queen, true love can die, clowns can become monsters, friends can become enemies, and cues can be misunderstood. In Shakespeare's fantasy of escape, we learn how a night in the forest can transform the city forever.

February 7-11


By Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman, Directed by Jure Gantar
David Mack. Murray Theatre

"Without a job and those lines to say, an actress is just an ordinary person, trying not to look as scared as she feels."
There is no greater freedom than becoming someone else, if only for a few hours. This is what the young women living together in New York's Footlights Club, a rooming house for aspiring actresses, hope to achieve. Edna Ferber and George S. Kaufman's 1936 play is a heartfelt account of the everyday struggles and failures which pave the way to the rare stories of success and fame on the stage and screen. This production will introduce you to our third-year Acting class who, like their characters, are about to begin their performing careers.

March 28 - April 1


Adapted by Helen Edmundson from the novel by Jamilla Gavin, Music by Adrian Sutton, Directed by Linda Moore
Sir James Dunn Theatre

"I want to go soon. Tomorrow or the day after. ...I'm going to find my mother."
In Gloucester, in 1742, a young aristocrat longs to defy his family's expectations and pursue his love of music. In London, in 1750, two boys - one saved from an African slave ship, the other abandoned on English soil - grow up together in the Coram Foundling Hospital, both dreaming of their lost parents. Their stories are linked by a mysterious young gardener, by the music of Handel, and by a fierce desire to break free of social structures to find happiness. Helen Edmundson's touching "play with music" invites us to reconsider our own understandings of responsibility, freedom, and joy.