“It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind.”  (Sarah Kane, 4.48 Psychosis). 
Theatre artists know that even in our daily lives, all of us perform different versions of ourselves throughout our daily interactions. In this year’s DalTheatre season, we explore the masks that we wear, and what happens when our true faces are revealed. We will perform plays in which the removal of such masks is a source of joy. But also plays in which it is better for what is behind the mask to stay hidden.

January 2022 Update: In light of changes to provincial health regulations we must cancel in-person audiences for our February 2022 Devised show. Tickets holders please contact the Arts Centre Box Office for a refund.

2022 Devised Production

Directed by Richie Wilcox

Working within a series of artistic constraints, the creative team will build a new piece of theatre from scratch.  The students will draw on their own individual talents, humanity, and opinions in order to present an original creation that speaks to this time and place.

The Crucible

By Arthur Miller
Directed by Nigel Shawn Williams
March 29 to April 2, 2022, Sir James Dunn Theatre

Arthur Miller’s modern classic about a 17th century witch trial in Salem, Massachusetts, feels uncomfortably familiar in a world where blind belief and misinformation can overweigh facts and truths. As rumours of demonic possession spiral, the people of Salem conceal their feelings to protect themselves and their loved ones, to deceive others, to gain power, or to hide an absence of righteousness. But in Miller’s tragedy, these social masks not only conceal the truth but also disable the wearer from hearing it, creating a terrifying journey into a world whose characters are slaves to their own masks.