2019-20 Season:  THE TRIALS OF LOVE
Love should be innocent and pure, but, as Benvolio says in Romeo and Juliet, "Alas, that love, so gentle in is view, / Should be so tyrannical and rough in proof." In this year's DalTheatre season, we will explore the trials of love: the complexities, the agonies, and the confusions that lovers must contend with in their quest toward joy. Join us as we navigate the rough seas of the heart!

All evening shows at 7:30 pm / Matinees Saturday at 2:00 pm
Tickets available at the Dalhousie Arts Centre Box Office Tel. 902.494.3820 or 1.800.874.1669 /


By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Laura Vingoe-Cram
October 8-12, 2019 - David Mack. Murray Studio

The theatrical equivalent of speed-dating, Love and Information is a parade of tiny playlets, each crystallizing a thought about how we love and how we think. In a theatrical experience for the age of Google and Twitter, when even such vast ideas as love are fragmented into soundbites, Caryl Churchill’s dazzling experimental work finds astonishing depth in each micro-burst of drama.


By Euripides, Translated by Don Taylor
Directed by Samantha Wilson
November 26-30, 2019 - Sir James Dunn Theatre

A city has been shattered by desire. Triumphant after the final battle of the Trojan War, Menelaus comes to take back his wife, Helen, whom he blames for starting the conflict by attracting the Trojan prince Paris. Now, all the women of Troy must face the wrath of the conquering soldiers and must fight for their lives and for their freedom. Written in 415 BC, Euripides’ wrenching exploration of violence and broken love amid the horrors of war is a play distressingly never out of date.


Directed by Matthew Thomas Walker
February 4-8, 2020 - David Mack. Murray Studio

In a new direction for our season, the third year actors will devise a theatrical production from scratch. Working within an artistic framework from the design team, the students will create a new adaptation of a classic tale. Drawing on their own individual talents, humanity and opinions, and on their own love of the theatre, the students will personalize their relationships with the time-tested story and then share their own version with a contemporary audience.

Please note: The Saturday matinee is a Sensory Friendly Performance in partnership with Autism Nova Scotia.

LA CALANDRA (The Comedy of Calandro)

By Bernardo Dovizi da Bibbiena, Translated and edited by Lauara Giannetti and  Guido Ruggiero
Directed by Anne-Marie Donovan
March 24-28, 2020 - Sir James Dunn Theatre

It's that old story: boy meets girl but girl is already married, so boy disguises as girl to meet girl, who actually prefers him that way, but boy’s long-lost identical twin sister is in town disguised as a boy, and husband falls for the boy dressed as a girl. Love can be messy! Bernardo Dovizi’s 1513 Italian farce has all the fun of Twelfth Night and The Comedy of Errors but takes their gender-bending and blurring identities to wilder extremes of beautiful confusion.

Please note: The Saturday matinee is a Sensory Friendly Performance in partnership with Autism Nova Scotia.