Graduate Student Theses

Previous graduate theses

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MA Theses

Name Program Advisor Committee Thesis Title
Vergos, Catherine MA Margaret Denike   Between Rhetoric and Reality:  A Psychosocial Examination of Rwanda's National Unity and Reconciliation Policy
Belanger, Jean-Francois MA David Black   Strategic Stability in the Second Nuclear Age:  Towards a BMD Paradigm
Therrien, Laurence MA Margaret Denike Frank Harvey; David Black Humanitarian Miliatary Interventions in the decade 1990-2000: Remodeling the Concepts of Impartiality and Political Independence
Coombes, Kendra MA Margaret Denike David Black The Politics of End-Of-Life-Care: Active Euthanasia
Rafuse, Kristian MA Margaret Denike Ruben Zaiotti; Susan Dodd; Katherine Fierlbeck Conspicuous Sexuality:  Bourdieu's Affective Phenomenology and the Normative Origns of Homophobic Violence
Diepeveen, Benjamin P. MA Katherine. Fierlbeck Robert Finbow; Anders Hayden "Persistent Power? The Weakening of the Medical Profession's Control over Knowledge in Canada"
Harper, Katie MA J.C. Boucher David Black; J. Bannister An Examination of the Determinants of Quebec's Paradiplomatic Actions
McFadgen, Rebecca MA Anders. Hayden Peter  Arthur;  H. Epstein Beyond the Duty to Consult: Comparing Environmental Justice in Three Aboriginal Communities in Canada
Cockram, Louise MA Louise Carbert Jennifer Smith; Robert Finbow "Grievance before supply" Omnibus Budget Implementation Legistlation as a Case when Party Discipline Damages Parliamentary Democracy
Northam, Katelyn MA Louise Carbert David Cameron; Robert Finbow The Challenge of Youth Engagement in Local Government:  Exploring the Use of Youth Advisory Councils in Amherst and Halifax, Nova Scotia
Noledan, Elaheh MA David Black Samar El-Masri; Ann Griffiths Causes of the Iranian 1979 Revolution and the Egyptian 2011 Revolution:  A Comparative Study
Bradley, Jessica MA Anders Hayden   Ecological Modernization and Canada’s energy debate: Reconciling economic,
environmental, and political agendas?
Robinson, Emily MA Brian Bow Ruben Zaiotti; Frank Harvey An Integrated Neoclassical Realist and constructivist Approach to the Study of Canadian Foreign Policy:  Canada's Response to the 2011 Intervention in Libya
Bisset, Benjamin MA Louise Carbert Jennifer Smith; Robert Finbow Unintegrated' Province? Examining the Extent of Spatial Cleavages in Public Opinion in Nova Scotia
Wilson, Emma MA Katherine Fierlbeck Louise Carbert; Kristen Good Towards Accountability in Democratic Network Governance
Carter, Meghan MA Louise Carbert Robert Finbow; Kristin Good Maintaining the narrative: A content analysis of the impact of political disclosure on Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador's political culture
O'Brien, Katheleen MA Katherine Fierlbeck Dennis Stairs; Ruben Zaiotti A Duty to Serve, A Duty to Provide:  A Comparative Analysis of Mental Health Delivery in the Armed Forces of Canada, U.K. and U.S.
Taodzera, Shingirai MA Peter Arthur David Black; Robert Finbow Incorporating Indigenous Structures of Governance in the Management of Extractive Natural Resources in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of South Africa's Royal Bafokeng
Curtis, Chad MA Frank Harvey Ruben Zaiotti; Dave Black Canada's defence procurement crisis: why failure is the norm
English, Petra Emmaline Lyra MA David Black Brian Bow; Ruben Zaiotti The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria:  Assessing Compliance from Global Health Donors
MacLennan, Tricia Sarita-Marie MA Peter Arthur David Black; Kristin Good Sowing the seeds of insecurity: The impacts of agricultural biotechnology in Canada and India
Ripley, Alexander MA Brian Bow David Black; Ruben Zaiotti Regionalism and Economic Crisis:  The Cases of ASEAN and Mercosur, 2008-2010
Smith, Jennifer MA Ruben Zaiotti Robert Finbow; Ann Griffiths Explaining the New Influence of Ukrainian Civil Society
Goodridge, Kirt MA Louise Carbert Robert Finbow; Lori Turnbull Youth Engagement and Get-Out-The-Vote Organizations:  Are they a Viable Solution to the Problem of Youth Engagment
Hunt, Liam MA Louise Carbert David Black; Lori Turnbull The Moral Authority:  A Theory of Plitical Character
Robinson (nee Luddington), Callee Francis MA Robert Finbow Lori Turnbull; Marcella Firmini From Policy to Practice:  Evaluating Consultation Policy in Nova Scotia
Phin, Nicholas MA Kristin Good
Ruben Zaiotti - Co-Supervisors
Lori Turnbull; Robert Finbow Immigration Discourse in Cities: Examining the Effects of Local Immigration Partnerships in Richmond and Surrey
Ajadi, Ifeoluwatari (Tari) A. MA Katherine Fierlbeck Elizabeth McGibbon (Adjunct); Robert Huish (IDS) What gets counted gets done:  A policy analysis of the barriers and opportunities for provincial govenments to collect disaggregted race-based health data
Power, Kinnar MA Katherine Fierlbeck Florian Bail; Louise Carbert Idle, Able-bodied and underserving: The persistence of undesert in Western political thought
Elgayar, Mohamed MA Brian Bow Frank Harvey; Ann Griffiths The Next Cold War: Are the United States and China undergoing a power transition through Proxy Wars?
St-Jacques, Catherine MA Anders Hayden Ann Griffiths; David Black On Thin Ice: Canada’s Arctic Policy and Environmental Security
MacKenzie, Amy MA Ruben Zaiotti David Black; Gardiner-Barber; Robert Finbow (Chair) Missing in Europe: a critical analysis of the European Union's policies regarding unaccompanied minors 
Yuzdepski, Davis MA Lori Turnbull Katherine Fierlbeck; Louise Carbert; Kristin Good A Virtual Inevitability: Reconceptualising the Interet Voting Debate with Evidence from Canada and Abroad
Mykula, Ksenia MA Ruben Zaiotti Ruben Ziaotti; Jean-Francois Savard; Scott Pruysers Tweeting Reactions: An Analysis of Twitter Responses to the Kerch Strait Naval Clash between Russia and Ukraine
Andrews, Ben D. MA Scott Pruysers Kiran Banerjee; Louise Carbert Does Democracy Die in Darkness? An Examination of the Relationship Between Local Newspaper Health and Municipal Politics.
Mason, Emily MA Louise Carbert Scott Pruysers; Robert Finbow Establishing Effective Representation and Protected Districts for Anglophones in Brome-Missisquoi
Fertsman, Erik MA Ruben Zaiotti Robert Finbow; David Black Theorizing Stable Relationships Between the European Union and Ukraine:  A Comparative Study
Ofosu-Atuahene, Benjamin MA David Black Peter  Arthur;  Robert Finbow Private Security Actors in Africa: The Case of Niger Delta & North-Eastern Nigeria in West Africa.
Robinson, Rhys MA Brian Bow David Black; Ruben Zaiotti Maqbarat Al-Atrak: Saudi Arabia’s Intervention in Yemen
Pearsons, Graeme MA Peter Arthur David Black; Ruben Zaiotti  
Gong, Xinyu MA Brian Bow Ruban Zaiotti; Leah Sarson 5G and China-US Relations: Competition and Intervention


PHD Theses

Name Program Advisor Committee Thesis Title
Lerhe, Eric PhD Dan Middlemiss/Frank Harvey Brian Bow; Ruben Zaiotti Canada-US Military Interoperability:  At What Cost Sovereignty.
Meadows, David PhD Brian Bow Finn Laursen; David Black The Effects of Political-Cultural on Divergent Patterns of Post-Soviet Political Economic Transformation:  A Comparison of the Experiences of Latvia and Belarus Since 1991
Clark, Sean PhD Brian Bow David Black; Frank Harvey To Whom go the Spoils?:  Explaining 4,000 years of battlefield victory & defeat.
McDonough, David PhD Frank Harvey David Black; Frank Harvey Ambivalent Ally:  Culture, Cybernetics, and tehEvolution of Canadian Grand Strategy
Dunphy, Sarah PhD David Black Gil Winham; Peter Arthur 180: Developing Countries' About-Face in the Uruguay Round
Graham, Glenn PhD Robert Finbow Lori Turnbull; Jim Bickerton Regionalism on the Celtic Fringe:  How Peripheral Communities Resist, Negotiate, and Accommodate Political and Economic Integration
Hoque, Sabrina PhD Brian Bow David Black; Peter Arthur The 'Casual Tree': A Comprehensive Analysis of the Relationship between UNDP Expenditures and Quality of Governance in Developing Countries.
Firmini, Marcella PhD Katherine Fierlbeck Jennifer Smith; Kristin Good Republican elements of the just society:  Classical republicanism in the political thought of Pierre Elliott Trudeau
Suarez, Carla PhD David Black Christina Clark-Kazak;  Peter Arthur Living in "No-Peace-No War": Fluctuating Governance Among Armed Actors in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Beitelman, David PhD Brian Bow David Black; Frank Harvey Strategic Turst: Re-thining U.S.-China Military Relations
Morgan, David PhD David Black Ruben Zaiotti; John Cameron The Humanitarians:  Understanding the Crisis of the Humanitarian Field
Mitton, John PhD Frank Harvey David Black; Ruben Zaiotti Rivalry Intervention: Why International Rivals Intervene in Civil Conflicts
Manning, Susan PhD David Black and Deborah Stienstra Anders Hayden Centring Community: New Pathways in Resource Ectraction Policy Processes
Abdulhamid, Nafisa PhD David Black Peter Arthur; Ruben Zaiotti Protecting Civilians in Armed Conflict: The Case of the African Union Mission in Somalia
Tsamenyi, Elikem PhD David Black Peter Arthur; Brian Bow African Peace, Security and Conflict Management: An African international society approach.