The Department of German revels in a friendly, student-centred atmosphere and our small class sizes offer plenty of opportunities to practice your language skills—and acquire new ones.


Major, advanced major, honours and combined honours are all offered by the Department of German. These programs are flexible enough to be able to incorporate a year of study in Germany. Learn more about our program options.


The Department of German is a welcoming place for students and our professors are dedicated to their success. Whether your professor’s area of expertise is in philosophers of the Enlightenment or in translation theory, they’re all keen to help you make your studies in German a rewarding and memorable experience.

The Department of German is phenomenal. The profs are very accommodating and excellent instructors; the TAs are great and help to build oral skills; there are opportunities to study in Germany or other German-speaking countries; and the German society has a couple of fun events each semester, as well as weekly sessions for people of every level to come and practice their German skills.