Study Abroad

Why study abroad?

A year in Germany (or Poland, Hungary or Italy) provides students with the opportunity to master the German language and study in depth the cultural heritage of the German-speaking countries within the European context. It offers a unique chance to become familiar with German institutions, customs, way of life and to be part of the rapid changes taking place in Europe. The year-long immersion and the first-hand knowledge of Germany and Europe give participants a linguistic and cultural expertise which is difficult to acquire in any other way.

Students will receive credit at Dalhousie for courses taken in Germany. Advanced classes conducted in German in the senior years help with the intensive immersion process overseas.

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD)

Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst offers summer and year-longprograms that are open both to German majors and non-majors. Students accepted to the program contribute to teaching and research offered in Germany.

Students from Germany

University students from Germany also benefit from exchange programs. They come to teach in the Department of German and gain valuable work experience.

View the 2017-18 German Study Abroad Information Session presentation. For more information on study-abroad opportunties, please contact Brigid Garvey (