Awards and scholarships

The Department of French offers a number of academic awards to meritorious students. These awards are conferred at a Departmental ceremony in the spring.

Prof. and Mrs. Robert Lloyd Mcintosh Prize

This annual prize is awarded to a French major or honours student who has demonstrated a superior level of achievement in the core classes required for second year major and honours students. Currently these classes are FR2045, FR2201 and FR2202.

Marcelle Cendres Sandhu Memorial Prize

This prize was established by the colleagues, friends, and students of the late Marcelle Cendres Sandhu. It is awarded annually to a French major or honours student who achieves excellence in third (FR3045) or fourth (FR4046) year French grammar courses.

French Department Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to students entering the third or fourth year of a major
or honours program in French, and who have spent a year studying in France.
The award is based on meritorious performance in French classes. At the
discretion of the Department, the scholarship may also be awarded to outstanding
students who have not studied abroad.

Ruth Murray Scholarship

In memory of Mrs. Ruth Murray this scholarship is awarded to students who are academically sound and who are participating in a departmental program abroad. At the discretion of the Department, the fund may also be used to provide financial assistance for on-campus students majoring in French who have demonstrated above average academic ability.

Sabah Metlej French Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student who is completing a degree in French while raising a family, and who shows academic excellence and enthusiasm toward the study of French. If there are no students that meet the first criteria, the remaining criteria will be used to select a candidate.

2017-18 Award Recipients

Marcelle Cendres Sandhu Memorial Prize: B. Koonar
Ruth Murray Scholarship: L. McMillan, H. Reid
French Department Scholarship: L. Berryman, K. Tracy
Prof. & Mrs. Robert Lloyd McIntosh Prize in French: J. Dalton
Sabah Metlej Scholarship in French: J. Albee
Prix de l'Ambassadeur de Suisse: K. Mannik
Prix de l'Alliance Française: L. Reynolds