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Révolution !   The latest publication from Dr. Vittorio Frigerio. For more information visit prisedeparole.ca

Jessica Albee wins 2017 Prix du Consulat général de France dans les Provinces atlantiques

On March 20, 2017, Journée internationale de la Francophonie (International Francophonie Day), FASS student Jessica Albee (Double Major French/Spanish with Minor in Italian) went home with a double reward.

First, the Prix de l’Alliance Française Halifax is annually presented to one student in French Studies from each of the following Maritime universities, as nominated by their own department: Acadia, Saint Mary’s, Dalhousie, St. Francis Xavier, Mount Saint-Vincent and Memorial.  This award recognizes deserving students who have demonstrated excellency in their studies throughout the year and a passion for the French and Francophone language and culture.

Her second prize, the Prix du Consulat général de France dans les Provinces atlantiques is annually awarded through an Essay competition.  This year, each candidate was invited to write about the use of new technologies and social media in French language learning.  The essays were anonymously submitted to the jury (Mlle Emile Emond, Cultural Attaché of the Consulat général de France à Moncton, Mme Isabelle Pédot, Executive director of the Alliance Française Halifax, and Mme Solène Vidal from the Francoforum, Institut de langue française).  In her remarks, Mlle Emond indicated that the winner had been chosen for the quality of her writing as well as for their creativity and ability to implement the subject in her text.

Jessica will hence have the opportunity to further explore Francophone culture and language thanks to a complete immersion programme at the FrancoForum, Institut de langue française, located on Saint Pierre and Miquelon, off the southwestern coast of Newfoundland.

Congratulations, Jessica!

Mlle Emond, Attachée Culturelle, Consulat général de France and Jessica Albee (right).

Prix Marguerite-Mallet

Félicitations to Dr. Irène Oore - winner of the 2016 Prix Marguerite-Maillet. This annual prize recognizes outstanding contributions to the development and study of Acadian and French Canadian literature.

Honorary degree

Michel Deguy receives Honorary degree at the University of King's College Encaenia 2016
Michel Deguy was born in Paris, France, and has occupied a unique place on the French intellectual scene since the late 1950s. His work as a professor, writer, editor, translator, public intellectual and director of journals and cultural institutions has been recognized in France, Europe, and worldwide. An ambitious poet who coined the phrase “geopoetics” in 1960s, Deguy continues to energetically pursue a life-long quest for the “extreme referent”. He is recognized for the range and originality of his work, and for his prolific and inventive contributions. From winning the Prix Mallarmé for his poetic oeuvre to the Prix Diderot-Universalis for his journal Po&Sie; from the John Hopkins colloquium of 1968 which launched “French Theory” in America to and ongoing participation in the European Graduate School; from his direction of the Collège international de Philosophie to his monthly philosophical chronicles on the radio network France-Culture; from the erotic poet to the mourning philosopher; from the lyrical traveler to the outraged citizen, few bodies of work today equal the passionate, lucid and selfless engagement of Michel Deguy’s evolving corpus. Deguy is the translator of Sappho and of Heidegger, the interpreter of Pseudo-Longinus and of René Girard, Emeritus professor at Paris VIII, recent Honorary Doctor of the University of Athens, and is defender of the university and of its highest theoretical and philosophical standards.

Mission accomplie pour les 24 heures du roman | ICI.Radio-Canada.ca

L'aventure des 24 écrivains francophones qui ont participé à la rédaction d'une œuvre sur Samuel de Champlain à bord du train l'Océan a pris fin à Toronto.



April 2017 Awards Ceremony

Félicitations to this year's class, scholarship, and prize winners:

  • Marcelle Cendres Sandhu Memorial Prize: S. Osborne
  • Ruth Murray Scholarship: L. McMillan, K. Mannik
  • French Department Scholarship: H. Reid, M. Apostolides
  • Prof. & Mrs. Robert Lloyd McIntosh Prize in French: S. Faires
  • Sabah Metlej Scholarship in French: S. Frame
  • Prix de l'Ambassadeur de Suisse: H. Pinsent
  • Prix de l'Alliance Française: J. Albee

D. Mourad receives her award from Dr. Vittorio Frigerio

Dalhousie French Society AGM

March 30th at 6 p.m. in McCain 1114
Come one - come all!

Join us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/DalhousieClubFrancais/

French Lecture Series

March 24, 2017


February 10, 2017

January 27, 2017


December 7, 2016


French Lecture Series

November 25, 2016

French Lecture Series

October 28, 2016

Graduation Celebration

Congratulations to all of our 2015/16 graduates! We are very proud of your accomplishments.

Convocation brunch with our newest graduands: Jacqueline Smith, Isabel Patterson, Minette Murphy and Yasmin Beydoun.


April 2016 Awards Ceremony

Félicitations to this year's scholarship and prize winners:

  • Marcelle Cendres Sandhu Memorial Prize: H. Pinsent, M. Wedge
  • Ruth Murray Scholarship: D. Castrilli, R MacIntosh
  • French Department Scholarship: Deborah Castrilli, Sara Heembrock 
  • Prof. & Mrs. Robert Lloyd McIntosh Prize in French: M. Apostolides
  • Sabah Metlej Scholarship in French: T. Richardson, N. Slaunwhite
  • Prix de l'Ambassadeur de Suisse: M. Murphy
  • Prix du Consul Honoraire de Liban: M. Frith
  • Prix de l'Alliance Française: S. Bassil

T. Richardson celebrates with her family

M. Gray receives her award from Dr. Iris Black


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